Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday and One Project Down!!!

We had a great day and got a ton accomplished! Or morning started out with our new living room furniture being delivered! Shawn and I decided that for our big Christmas gift to each other this year we'd like to have an actual living room that was furnished! So, we got busy selling our older stuff online and searching for the perfect pieces for our room. We were a little bummed because the coffee table we ordered didn't pass delivery inspection (apparently it had a ding of sorts) so they won't deliver it until next week. Otherwise, everything else came!!! I didn't get great pictures, but you can sort of tell what it is all going to look like!

Please forgive Lauren's face. Ha! At least you can see the couch and two end tables. Just imagine a coffee table in front of the couch!

Of course our television has Mickey on in the morning! I thought it was a fitting reminder of what these days look like for us. =)

I made cinnamon scones for breakfast and Lauren made oh-mul-mul (oatmeal) and coppe (coffee) in her own kitchen. I love her little set-up right now. She got a lot of new neat kitchen supplies and foods so she has been really enjoying making all kinds of meals!

Shawn brought THE dresser inside and got it prepped for priming and painting...

 ...and I got started on my own painting project!

 I've been wanting a canvas painted Bible verse for Lauren's room for a while and instead of forking over the big bucks, I thought I would attempt to make one on my own. The whole project cost me around $10 but it did take almost all day to complete. The first thing I did was have Shawn help me draw out the border perfectly, then I painted the inside a cream color and the outside the blueish color in her new bedding. It was really hard to keep it precise, but with a few touch ups, it turned out alright!

We had a break around 12:30 because the Mizzou basketball game was on. Lauren realized what was on TV and looked at her shirt and said, "Oh no! Zoo dame" which translates to: Oh no! The Mizzou game is on and I don't have my shirt on. Oh, we have trained that girl well!!! Shawn quickly grabbed her up and the two of them went to put on their game day shirts. 

My mom happened to be in town so she stopped by for a little surprise! It was perfect timing because I was working on that canvas and needed a little time finish up. Lauren introduced her to the Cooties game and I am sure mom will never be the same! 

Isn't my mom the cutest?

So, while they were playing I finished the circles on the canvas.To make the outline I found a glass that had the size opening I needed the circle to be and I dipped it in the paint. Then, I just used a brush to fill in each circle.

My next step was to add the smaller green circles (I used some tool Shawn had that was a perfect circle on one end) and the green stitching between the blue and cream colors. 

I tried to paint it free hand one time, but soon realized my letters were WAY too big, so I painted the cream over it again and then decided to get smart and write it out in pencil first. Much better!

I used a paint pen to write the words. I know there are many imperfections in it, but I kind of like that. I like the fact that she will have something in her room that I made just for her! I am so excited to make Easton's now, but I need to get some of his fabric in so I can match colors.

The evening ended with Shawn painting the pieces for the cube bookshelf he is making for Lauren's room. Busy day, but really good!!!


  1. # 1: LOVE LOVE LOVE your new furniture! I love the style of your end tables and TV set up table.. I'm a bit jealous ;-)

    # 2: Your canvas painting is ADORABLE!! You're so crafty and creative!! I'd love to be able to do this myself.. I think seeing how you've done it that I might be able to as well! :-)

  2. Your canvas is super cute! Love the polka dots! :)

  3. Wow, such a fun post! Lots of exciting things going on in the Barry house! Loved reading about each one of them!