Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Jammies

I finally have picture storage again! These pictures were supposed to go with Christmas at Nammy and Big Papa's, but they wouldn't fit so I am adding them here!

My mom got us all pajama bottoms for Christmas and as soon as the unwrapping was done we all scrambled into our new comfy pants. I love this picture because Lauren was in love with Pam, Victoria's mom. She wanted to stand by her in the picture! It was really cute, but not as cute as the way she says Pam. Oh I wish I could memorize all of her sweet words to play over and over in my head!

 The whole family. =)

 I had to include this picture too because Lauren was so tired after all the presents and fun and she was just cuddled up so sweetly on her Nammy. I loved it!

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