Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kindergarten Preview Day!

We woke up with butterflies in our tummies Thursday, March 20th, knowing we would be going to see Lauren's new school!!!! I can't even go into how much I cannot believe my baby is going to Kindergarten this year....or the heart-wrenching process Shawn and I went through when trying to decide what we were supposed to do as far as education. It's all too tender and honestly it makes me cry. So - instead I want to share and remember this fun day!

My awesome mama came up to watch Easton so Shawn and I could have a special morning with our big girl! I had to snap this picture of us walking into the school because she initiated holding my hand. Usually she likes to walk independently beside me, but this morning she reached up and grabbed hold and it was a special moment.

I took a ton of pictures because my friend Caitlin gave me the idea to create a special photo book for Lauren and I to read this summer leading up to Kindergarten. I ordered it from Shutterfly last week and I can't wait to see it!

When we first arrived at the school we got to explore the library! Lauren was so excited that her school had its very own library and that she could check out books. We had a fun time looking at some of the picture books and she spotted several characters that she already knew!

After the Library, we headed to the cafeteria where Shawn and I filled out some forms and Lauren got donuts and juice! The Kindergarten teachers had put together a fun little learning packet for each child and she got a picture book too! She loved looking at the alphabet chart with Shawn.

We got to meet Mrs. Hood, her principal, and boy were we impressed. If there is anything at all that helps me have peace about sending my baby to school, it's knowing she has a great staff of educators there.

After the cafeteria, we got to take a tour of the building. Lauren was very excited about the Art room and the fact that there was so much art displayed throughout the building! She has talked about hanging her art at her new school a lot since then!

We also got to peak at the gym and Kindergarten playground.

Then, we made our way down to the Kindergarten Pod area! I LOVE that they have Pods! I think it is so neat that they are in their own little area and that it's away from the bigger kids! :)

We got to visit a Kindergarten room and show her the cubby area.

One of the Kindergarten teachers talked to us a little more about what they will do in K next year and what we can do as parents to help make sure our babies are successful.

And I happened to get a picture of Lauren with the school guidance counselor and four of the Kindergarten teachers. :) They were so sweet to humor this mama!

 We had a great day and the staff made us feel so welcomed which was very helpful! :) This whole going to school thing is huge! We still have her Kindergarten screening to get out of the way, but we all feel a whole lot better having this under our belts!