Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Windy and Wonderful Wednesday

This morning I was feeling pretty icky and gross. Lauren woke up fairly early for her and so we were just hanging out. I got a text from my friend Leslie asking if we wanted to go to the park. To be honest, I didn't. I didn't feel like getting dressed and taking my underwear wearing toddler out into the real world. But, even as I was thinking I didn't want to go, I knew just how much Lauren needed it. It turns out so did I.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today after way too many hot ones recently. There was a slight breeze in the air and it felt like Fall might be right around the corner. Oh, to dream!

We headed to a sweet little park and let the kids play. It was soooo good for me. So.Good.For.Me. I didn't realize how much I needed to get out until I just did it. I guess that means there will be more getting out in our future.

I took the potty chair to the park with us and she went! In the park. I couldn't have been more proud of her!

I didn't get a pic of Bethany and Isabelle before they had to leave. =( Next time!

Such a great playgroup!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday...Wait, Is Today Tuesday? What is Today? I've Lost All Sense of Time!

I went to look through our most recent pictures and I realized that we have very few over the last couple of weeks. I'm sure it is due to the fact that Lauren and I have not made it out of the house but like twice and therefore have obviously not gotten dressed up. Unless you count pajama bottoms and a holey tee shirt. Which I do not.

We did get out once last week for a quick trip to the grocery store. I made sure Lauren looked cute. There is no picture of me and that is probably for the best. I've been a little green. And the showers have been fewer than normal. You have to feel like you won't pass out before you feel safe showering. Believe me.

Lauren is potty trained. It's crazy and I can't believe I am even typing it, but its true. So, add to my nausea the complete and utter fear of helping a toddler into a public *gasp* bathroom and you can see why we've been home so much.

Oh, and the bathroom situation with Lauren is so not helping my sickness. We've pretty much moved to the big potty with a little adapter seat for the simple reason that I got tired of throwing up in my mouth. Love her, but seriously?!?! Worst timing ever. Or best. I don't know yet.

I put a roast in the crockpot this morning because I am dumb. Now, I have the amazingly disgusting smell of cooking meat greeting me from every corner of my home. I seriously cannot escape the smell.

Pretty much the only thing settling my stomach today is chocolate milk. Which is strange because on any given day of being not pregnant, drinking milk might make me want to throw up. Pregnancy is a crazy thing.

I'm loving this new life inside me even more each day. Lauren is going to be the best big sister. I bought her this book so that she can have a recorded voice of what it's like to have a baby sibling. Can't wait to fill it out with her in the coming months.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear (First Half Of) First Trimester,

Dear (first half of) First Trimester,

Well, hello there. Aren't you a funny little thing? You've sure showed up with a vengeance in the last two weeks. When I first found out I was pregnant, I felt really good. I thought that maybe, just maybe I would escape the dreaded morning (all-day for me) sickness that came when I was pregnant with Lauren. I guess I got too excited about that possibility because you decided to destroy that dream really quickly. I've been nauseous every day for the past two weeks. Thankfully I haven't had the worst of morning sickness yet. I had it with Lauren so I am still holding out hope that it might pass me by this time. Lauren and I were in Toys R Us when I first found out I was pregnant and I picked these little things up just in case you decided to show up. They've been great! I really do feel better when I eat one.

You have made me so exhausted with this pregnancy. I do not remember feeling this tired with Lauren. I have been soaking up my cuddle time on the couch with my girl. I've also been taking advantage of naps and early bedtimes. I also have very little motivation. I had so many intentions of fun things planned for Lauren, but I am having a hard time with anything actually coming to fruition. I just keep reminding myself that this will be over soon and I will be back to my normal crazy self!

You have also kept me from two of my loves. I haven't had a drop of either of these since the day I found out I was pregnant. I guess that is one way to quit cold turkey.

I know there is still a lot of you left to get through and I am just trying to remember that there is a sweet little baby doing lots and lots of growing inside my tummy. Although I am thankful for that, I will be so glad to welcome the second trimester.


*idea for letters to the trimesters from here*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ramblings of a tired woman

The past couple of weeks have been so many things. So many wonderful things. So many trying things. I've been overwhelmed by life and overwhelmed by God. I wouldn't trade these days for anything. Except when I am in the midst of sickness or another trip to the potty or another temper tantrum. Then, maybe just maybe, I would.

So thankful that God sees something worth redeeming in me. So thankful that even though I make mistakes I am given a chance to repent. No strings attached.

I'm struggling with disciplining Lauren. I am so tired. She is so needy. I hear myself saying empty words.

Thankful for my husband who encourages me and believes in me. He works so hard and comes home to us every single day. He wants to be here. In the crazy. What a man.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"April Is Rare Capricious Loveliness." - Julia Dorr

Some of you may have noticed that in my SURPRISE I'M PREGNANT post, I put that our little one SHOULD arrive March 2011. That should was very intentional on my part. 

When I was pregnant with Lauren the doctor had my due date wrong. When I went in for the gender reveal (I know it is so much more than that to the technician, but to us we were all about knowing what we were having) ultrasound at 19 weeks, the technician shocked me by saying that she was only measuring at 15 weeks and 4 days. It pushed my due date back almost a whole month and made me a little sad to be regressing instead of progressing. Of course, we were happy that she was healthy and growing.

Flash forward almost 3 years to this new pregnancy and I just knew that the due date the nurse had given me was off. It isn't easy for them to tell when I am ovulating, so there was a huge window...well you know. Anyway, yesterday Shawn and I went in for my first appointment with Dr. Stamps. I explained to him my worries about the due date being wrong. We talked about my previous pregnancy and he agreed that they would try to work me in for an ultrasound that very day!!!

We waited for quite a while before heading back to the ultrasound room. I was nervous. I was excited. I wasn't sure what we would see. It took a while, but the technician finally zeroed in on a tiny little dark circle on the screen. It wasn't long before I saw the most beautiful thing...a steady and obvious heartbeat!

As she looked around and took measurements, she asked again what week the doctor had told me I was. I told her I was 9 weeks according to them. Then she said the baby was only measuring at 5 weeks and 6 days. Dr. Stamps met with us again to tell us that everything looked great and that we shouldn't be worried that the measurement of the baby and the due date they first gave me was off. 

I know that being 6 weeks pregnant is early for us to be sharing in a lot of peoples minds. But, for one thing - I'd already told you! For another, no matter what happens this is our baby. Our little heartbeat. Not telling would not have changed that for us.

Knowing that I am 6 weeks instead of 9 means I have more weeks of sickness. I am trying to stay positive about it and tell myself that being sick is a good sign. It also means more weeks of being dead tired. I don't remember being this tired with Lauren. There has been a lot more tv watching that I usually like around here. It also means more weeks to love on and cherish my little girl. If I can ever get my energy back I have some fun theme days planned for this fall.

We couldn't be more thankful, more excited, or more nervous to be on this journey.

April 12, 2011 is our new due date.
What a joy it will be to meet our new little munchkin!
See the arrow? That is pointing to the tiny little baby.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day

On Monday, August 2nd I woke up feeling like I needed to take a pregnancy test. The only problem with this was that I had just taken one the previous Monday and it came back negative. I didn't want to waste another expensive test or get my hopes dashed so I said a quick prayer that I could be patient and wait it out just a little bit longer.

The day wore on and I kept feeling like something should be happening (sorry guys!). I was having cramps but nothing that usually accompanies cramps. At three o'clock I decided I would just take the test. So much for my patience, right? All I can say is that I just felt like I needed to take it. I didn't really think I was pregnant, but I needed to know either way because it was driving me crazy.

I took the test and waited. It didn't take long for a very faint plus sign to appear. I had to refer to the box, because I wasn't sure if I was reading it correctly. The box confirmed my thoughts....pregnant! I couldn't believe it. I was shocked and excited and so jittery.

I grabbed Lauren up and we headed to Walgreens so that I could grab another pregnancy test. I wanted to get the one that said either pregnant or not-pregnant so I could be 100% sure before telling Shawn.

We got home and I took the second test. There was no question on this definitely said pregnant.

I was shocked and excited and nervous all over again. Since it was nearing four o'clock, I knew I only had about two hours to prepare for telling Shawn. There was no possible way that I could wait!

Earlier that morning I had ordered Lauren a big sister shirt from Etsy because I knew that we were trying and I wanted to be prepared if we got pregnant. Well, I was a little late! It cracked me up that THE morning I had ordered the shirt I was pregnant and didn't know it. So, unfortunately, I didn't have a shirt for Lauren to wear for Shawn.

When he got home, I had Lauren hand him a poem that basically said our family was going from three to four and I stood back and videotaped him reading it and the expression on his face when he finally figured out what the poem was about. Needless to say, he was ecstatic! That man is such a great daddy!!!

That evening we went out to dinner to celebrate as a family. It was such a sweet little memory and kept the tradition as we did that when we found out we were pregnant with Lauren.

We kept our little secret from our families until that Friday night. It actually worked out that both of our parents were going to be at my grandparents house so it was perfect! By that time, we had picked up a big sister tee shirt from Carters. =)

When we got to my grandparents house, Shawn's parents were there. They saw Lauren's shirt but didn't say much. I think they were in shock or not sure. When my parents got there it didn't take my mom long at all to realize what the shirt meant and get really excited. It meant so much to know they were excited and happy for us.

We are so thrilled to become parents again. Of course, we want Lauren to feel involved and important so I will be filling you in on all of our ideas for that. I am thankful for the nine months ahead of us to spend quality time with Lauren and as a family of three.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love My Little Family of....



{Our littlest one should arrive March 2011...
details to come soon!}

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Potty Progress

THANK YOU for all of the encouragement and insight about potty training! What a ride it has been so far.

Yesterday was difficult to say the least. But, today has been a million times better. Instead of hanging around the house all day, we headed to my friend Kelly's for a little playdate. I loaded up the pink potty and enough Easy-Ups to get us through the morning and we headed out. We've been just using underwear around here, but I figured Kelly wouldn't enjoy an accident on her carpet and so the Easy-Ups were perfect.

Kelly set the potty up in their bathroom and Lauren did fabulous! She went 4 times on it while we were there!!! I was SO proud of her. She didn't have a single accident in her Easy-Ups but did have several false alarms where she sat on the potty thinking she had to go but didn't. It really was the perfect morning because we got out of the house and I think Lauren liked showing off for Kelly and her little boy Ryan. It was great for this mama too.

 Ryan showed his support of Lauren by hanging out without pants today too!

Kelly made snickerdoodles and the kids made who knows what!

Nothing like a pipe-cleaner smiley face. =) And, I am sure you noticed, but it's purple. Of course.

We took the kids outside to play in the swimming pool and on Ryan's big red wagon. I laugh every time I see this photo because I think it shows the panic in Lauren's eyes when her diaper got wet. It was so hard to explain to her that it was just the water from the pool making her swim diaper wet and not her own pee. She is so ready for this.


Monday, August 09, 2010


...was not my most shining moment as a mother. This whole potty training thing is a nightmare.

It was hard. I was short on patience.

Meltdowns were many. Successes on the potty were few.


Tomorrow... a brand new day. Potty training might still be a nightmare.

But, it is a day full of second chances and great possibilities for the little one and this mama.

The practicing of patience and gentleness. The praying for the chance to see the fruit.

I am so thankful for my parents who happened to be in Springfield today. They stopped by at just the right time and gave me a chance to get away for a bit and take a bath. A bath. Early in the evening. With the door closed. They even brought me the stress relief body wash and lotion from Bath and Body. It was amazing and JUST what I needed to be ready to take on tomorrow. Thanks for the positive love and support. It meant so much to this exhausted and d.o.n.e. mama today.

Ewwweee Diaper

Potty training. The words make me sick to my stomach. The plan was to wait until Lauren was completely ready. I didn't want to be training her for months. I figured if she was ready, she'd have a better chance of actually being successful.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of this, "ewwweee diaper, ewwweee diaper, ewwweee diaper" while she frantically runs and screams and begs me to change her diaper. Every time or most every time that she pees (don't even get me started on the panic when she poops) I hear this. So, I thought maybe she is really ready to do this thing. If she doesn't like to be wet, surely she will be okay going potty. 
Well, it's been a crazy couple of days. We are nowhere near potty trained and I feel so unqualified for this job! She will go pee on the potty but is scared to poop. She has had very few accidents, but is constantly thinking she needs to go so I am constantly running to the potty with her. It's a little bit exhausting! 

 I would so love your thoughts on this. Any successes or failures that might help me? She really hates to be in her diaper so I think she is ready, but I don't want to push her.

Friday, August 06, 2010

I Will Not Take My Love Away Chapter 2: So, Ummm, What Do You Look Like?

Part 1 HERE

That evening, I headed back to my dorm room on the third floor, I remember feeling like this could be something. Maybe its because I had had my fair share of the this could be nothings and I wanted it to be something. All I know is that between the phone lines for those short minutes we actually talked, I was totally excited and not really all that upset with Tara. ;)

I set up my Windows Messenger account that night and if I remember correctly it was a long time before I actually went to sleep. Partly because I had butterflies in my stomach and partly because we chatted online for a long time. We talked about our hometowns, siblings, college, roommates, and more. It was strange to have these conversations on the computer. I couldn't see his face and he couldn't see mine. All we had to go by were the smiley faces we inserted and a few, "hahas". It was great.

I talked to Tara about this mystery boy. She had one small picture of him that I looked at, but it was from when he was in high school and he was a college sophomore now. This was before the day and age of Facebook and Myspace and all other social networking sites. As far as I knew the only "picture" Shawn had of me was the one that Tara described for him. Looking back, I am surprised he didn't run away scared!

Neither Shawn or I had a cell phone so we spent most of our time talking on the computer. Shawn did buy a calling card and we had a few phone conversations, but a calling card only lasts so far when you are getting acquainted with someone and are likely to spend hours upon hours talking about random stuff.

I saved a couple of our conversations that I had printed off way back when. They are so sweet and funny. I even feel a little awkward for us because it's like having your first date transcribed. =) We talked a lot about not wanting to go to class, but just to sit and talk more with each other. We also talked about actually meeting each other someday soon....

Stay tuned for Part 3: Colorado and a First Date

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Princess


You, my dear, are my princess. You have been since the day I laid eyes on that ultrasound. You were created to be exactly who you are. And exactly who you are is EXACTLY perfect. I wouldn't change a single thing about you. Not a single thing.

Monday, August 02, 2010

"A True Friend is Someone Who Knows You Are A Good Egg, Even Though She Knows You Are Slightly Cracked." ~Bernard Meltzer

The "Fab Five" decided it would be a good idea to get together for one last hoorah before school started back. Although I won't be going back this fall, the other ladies will and it just gets really busy once August hits. We decided to go to Panera to eat and then bowling! It was such a fun evening.

Alysia ordered the most yummy shortbread cookie and let everyone try it. It was sooo good. And I am sure it was good for you. ;)

They were so cute together. Leslie, I like how you leaned in. ;)

This pic of Tammy and me was right before Leslie almost made me break both of my wrists.
It wasn't pretty. This was also before Alysia decided to tell a fabulous story that almost made me lose my dinner.

Ladies - those are some fancy shoes!

I love these girls!