Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Potty Progress

THANK YOU for all of the encouragement and insight about potty training! What a ride it has been so far.

Yesterday was difficult to say the least. But, today has been a million times better. Instead of hanging around the house all day, we headed to my friend Kelly's for a little playdate. I loaded up the pink potty and enough Easy-Ups to get us through the morning and we headed out. We've been just using underwear around here, but I figured Kelly wouldn't enjoy an accident on her carpet and so the Easy-Ups were perfect.

Kelly set the potty up in their bathroom and Lauren did fabulous! She went 4 times on it while we were there!!! I was SO proud of her. She didn't have a single accident in her Easy-Ups but did have several false alarms where she sat on the potty thinking she had to go but didn't. It really was the perfect morning because we got out of the house and I think Lauren liked showing off for Kelly and her little boy Ryan. It was great for this mama too.

 Ryan showed his support of Lauren by hanging out without pants today too!

Kelly made snickerdoodles and the kids made who knows what!

Nothing like a pipe-cleaner smiley face. =) And, I am sure you noticed, but it's purple. Of course.

We took the kids outside to play in the swimming pool and on Ryan's big red wagon. I laugh every time I see this photo because I think it shows the panic in Lauren's eyes when her diaper got wet. It was so hard to explain to her that it was just the water from the pool making her swim diaper wet and not her own pee. She is so ready for this.


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