Friday, May 31, 2013

I HEART Project Life

You guys - Project Life is the bomb. Thank you a zillion times Miss Leslie for sharing this gem with me. I AM OBSESSED! Like crazy mad. Ah!

I haven't shared my latest weeks with y'all in a long time so I thought I would do that today. The whole process is super easy and so. much. fun. I can't even explain how much I love it. I think it's one of the reasons this little blog has gotten so little attention lately. I just love having our daily memories right there in picture form.

Wanna know what else I love about it? Sometimes I get behind (ahem okay this is usually the case) and so every few weeks I think to myself, Jen - you should work on PL. I usually get all stressed because I just can't think of anything super fun or exciting that we did. But as I start looking through my photos on my phone and Shawn's I see all this LIFE that we've been living and it just makes me so stinking happy! I absolutely love documenting our normal days because in 5, 10, 20 years from now those are the things I am going to miss and want to remember! Project Life is the perfect way for me to do that!!!

Wanna know what else I'm crazy about? Hobby Lobby has started carrying a few of the core kits and accessories. Which means, 40% off baby!!!!! This is the most affordable and exciting way to scrapbook ever. EVER.

Here is an awesome snapshot of my stellar PL set up. That's my dining room table. See it under there? :)

I instagrammed this pic one day as I was working on PL. This was before it got crazy, mad, out of control. :) If I could have one mommy wish (hint, hint Shawn) it would be to have a whole uninterrupted morning to just knock out some major documenting life. Oh and a Cinnamon DolcĂ© latte from the Starbucks wouldn't hurt the scenario at all. 

So, here are the weeks I have done....(please don't notice that I am SUPER way far behind...I'm hoping to get caught up as soon as my 101 free Shutterfly prints show up at my front door!!!!)

Week 5: (and looks like I still have some journaling to do!)

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12: (possibly one of my favorite week cards to date)

Week 13:

Easter Spread

Easton's 2nd Bday Spread:

(I printed out the blog post letter I wrote him for his bday)

Week 14:

Week 15:

And I'm super far behind but SO pumped to get all caught up! Especially since I just got the Honey and Midnight core kits and the Holiday mini kit from Hobby Lobby!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is happening...

I might be crazy, but I am a huge proponent of reading your child's signs for readiness and Easton just seems so ready. Both Shawn and I are in agreement and so I decided to start this today:

We had a great morning. As soon as he woke up we put the undies on and started our day. He's been so curious about the potty and we've even let him use it several times (not consistently) with great success!

He went pee on his "beebee potty" first thing this morning and about ever thirty minutes or so I would take him in and he would pee a little bit more. He did great all morning, even when we were outside.

Around 11:15 I was talking to him in the kitchen and he got this weird look on his face and said, "poo poo!" so I thought here we go....I ran him to the bathroom and got him seated and realized he had peed in his underwear. Although this was an "accident" I still counted it as a success because he noticed right away and told me! He even finished peeing in the little potty. I got him cleaned up and changed and was feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

Then we ate lunch.

And some of you moms of boys know what comes after lunch for your little men. Yep - the dreaded poopy. I watched him like a hawk. Even taking him to sit on the potty about ten minutes after eating, only to have him pee a little and let out a big toot. ;)

Then I let my guard down a bit. Surely he won't poop in his pants, I thought. Surely.

He ran to the playroom (BAD SIGN did you not see that coming?!?!) to get his tractor. He brought it to me to fix. Well that wasn't all he brought me. He also came bearing the tell-tale scent of a kid who'd done his business.

What? Seriously, dude, you were gone for 4. 5 seconds. Remember, you are supposed to TELL mommy! Remember?!?!

So, we had a poopy accident. And I gagged because cleaning poop out of a pair of undies is not for the faint of heart. But, I put another pair of undies on the kid because we're playing for keeps y'all.

I don't know how long this whole potty training experience will last us, but we are committed and the kid is smart so surely we will all make it out alive, right?


Neighborhood Walk/Bike Ride

I love our neighborhood. When we were looking for a new home almost two years ago I fell in love with the spaced out homes, quiet roads, and beautiful scenery. I love that we love our neighbors and that the kids and I can go for a leisurely walk/bike ride and feel completely safe. I'm so thankful for this place we call home. 

When I suggested a walk yesterday morning the kids were so excited! We love going on walks, but I honestly just don't make as much time for it as I should. With the weather so gorgeous right now I know I need to get them out there's a goal of mine! Anyway, Lauren decided she wanted to ride her bike. I said that would be fine but that she'd have to push it up the hills without complaining. She agreed and we were off. 

As a side note, she might be getting a tad bit big for her first bike...but she loves it and knows how to ride it well'll do for now. :)

Easton wanted to ride his bike (tricycle) but I knew that would never work so I talked him into our wagon. He pulled it most of the way!!!

And he held my hand....which pretty much melted this mama's heart right there on the pavement.

Lauren did a great job staying on the side of the road and watching/listening for cars. I was one proud mama.

Okay, so the circle we walk is almost exactly one mile. There is a huge hill about halfway through it and I thought Lauren would want to get off and push her bike. Boy was I wrong! She rode all down the hill!!!! I was an absolute nervous wreck but she knew how to stop and slow herself and she had a blast! She asked for more hills when we finished this one! (She did have to get off at the bottom and push it back up the hill)

And then this little dude needed to take a break for a bit. :)

Y'all, Lauren rode or pushed her bike the ENTIRE time without complaining or whining one time! I couldn't believe it. She is growing up on me.

While we walked we talked about all the fun things we want to do together this summer. Swimming at the pool, going to the Lake, hitting up the Zoo, Library Story Time, and water balloon fights made our list along with several others. I can't wait to spend my days with these two crazy kids. Boy I love them.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Clothing Trauma

Oh my goodness.

Let's just say that in the past few weeks/months mothering my daughter has gotten exceedingly more difficult than usual. I don't know when my almost five year old turned into a pre teen, but I'd like to go back to that exact moment and nip it in the bud.

Every day is a fight about what she wears and how her hair is fixed and all I want to do is make sure she looks like a pretty little lady, not a wandering gypsy. If it were up to her she would wear pajamas every single day. Or comfy pants that are two inches too short with baggy tee shirts and dress sandals. Oh and let's not forget the big rats nest in her hair! She doesn't like bows or braids or piggy tails or pony tails or any of the just darling-ness out there for little girls' hair.

I know my mama will say this is just payback for when I was Lauren's age. And in her defense I do remember freaking out about the way jeans and corduroy felt against my skin. I am also pretty sure I would only wear dresses for approximately five years of my early childhood. But, I mean come on....corduroy is a much bigger offense than a cute and comfortable matching outfit, right?

I don't know what to do. I mean at some point she is going to have to go to school and I am going to have to make sure she doesn't look like her mama don't bathe her. But, right now? In this moment? When honestly all I want to wear are my favorite yoga pants and a baggy tee shirt and how can I expect her to want to get ready if I don't?

I think it is time to start laying down some laws about dressing around here. That includes for my own self. Thankfully summer might make it easier since I can just make sure she puts on a dress. But then I'll have to deal with the changing of the dress into 325 other dresses for the day....

Oh motherhood. You exhaust me.

But, Lauren, I love you. And we will figure this out.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Last Few Days

Oh my's been a bit hectic around here this week. Both the kids and I have been sick. YUCK! I felt fine Sunday and then right before bed I just had this awful feeling I was about to get a cold and lo and behold about three hours later I woke up more stuffy and congested than I have in a looooooong time. It was absolutely awful. My head felt about three hundred pounds heavier than normal and I couldn't breathe out of my nose.

Thankfully, Shawn's parents were here Monday afternoon so I was able to get some rest while they watched the kids for a bit.

Lauren was also coming down with it on Monday but her worst day was Tuesday morning when she woke up early in the morning in a coughing fit that would not stop. I felt so bad for her because she was crying that she didn't like being sick and I totally felt like crying right alongside her.

Easton decided to join the fun on Tuesday as well and although it hasn't slowed him down too much, it's been a chore to keep his nose clean. Gross!

I was supposed to take dinner to a couple in our Sunday school class that just had a baby, but I just called them in a pizza instead. I figured they wouldn't want our sickly germs on their food. I know I wouldn't!

Oh and I missed our last Bunko meeting last night. :( I was so disappointed.

So basically we've just been trying to survive around here. And now I have a house to deep clean before the germs grab ahold of my handsome hubby!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Just Write

I haven't blogged in almost a month. How does that happen? Why does that happen?

I spent some time talking with my sweet friend, Kelly, yesterday about this whole blogging gig. It is way different than it was 5 years ago (gasp) when I started this journey. Back then I didn't feel the pressure or the stress to put something out there that was worthwhile. I just wrote. About my life, my fears, my family, and learning to handle the new stay at home mom life I'd found myself in.

Things have changed in the past years and I haven't loved this place as much. Its due to my own issues for sure, but I wish I could find a way back to just writing and not being afraid. I need to stop worrying about what people who read it think. I need to just write. Easier said than done.

Wanna know something? I don't believe in myself too much. I mean that deep down I don't really believe that this place could be anything...that God would use me and my humble attempt at writing or this place. Deep down I struggle with blogging because I don't want people to think I am boasting about myself or that I think I am amazing. I'm pretty much a big pile of nothingness with nothing to offer, but God. How do I blog about my life without people inwardly rolling their eyes? How do I put myself out there and try to grow an audience without appearing like I'm only seeking after man's approval? And to add to that, how do I fight the need for an audience, approval, and acknowledgement?

And also, she gets me. Perfectionism paralyzes my writing.

Any ideas fellow friends and bloggers? Or am I the only one who deals with these thoughts?

And also...I'm turning 30 in less than two weeks. That might or might not have to do with these inner fears and such bubbling forth for all the world (or at least you Papa) to read.

For those of you who read this little place, I love you. Truly - thanks for sticking with me even when I'm a no show. XOXO