Thursday, May 30, 2013

Neighborhood Walk/Bike Ride

I love our neighborhood. When we were looking for a new home almost two years ago I fell in love with the spaced out homes, quiet roads, and beautiful scenery. I love that we love our neighbors and that the kids and I can go for a leisurely walk/bike ride and feel completely safe. I'm so thankful for this place we call home. 

When I suggested a walk yesterday morning the kids were so excited! We love going on walks, but I honestly just don't make as much time for it as I should. With the weather so gorgeous right now I know I need to get them out there's a goal of mine! Anyway, Lauren decided she wanted to ride her bike. I said that would be fine but that she'd have to push it up the hills without complaining. She agreed and we were off. 

As a side note, she might be getting a tad bit big for her first bike...but she loves it and knows how to ride it well'll do for now. :)

Easton wanted to ride his bike (tricycle) but I knew that would never work so I talked him into our wagon. He pulled it most of the way!!!

And he held my hand....which pretty much melted this mama's heart right there on the pavement.

Lauren did a great job staying on the side of the road and watching/listening for cars. I was one proud mama.

Okay, so the circle we walk is almost exactly one mile. There is a huge hill about halfway through it and I thought Lauren would want to get off and push her bike. Boy was I wrong! She rode all down the hill!!!! I was an absolute nervous wreck but she knew how to stop and slow herself and she had a blast! She asked for more hills when we finished this one! (She did have to get off at the bottom and push it back up the hill)

And then this little dude needed to take a break for a bit. :)

Y'all, Lauren rode or pushed her bike the ENTIRE time without complaining or whining one time! I couldn't believe it. She is growing up on me.

While we walked we talked about all the fun things we want to do together this summer. Swimming at the pool, going to the Lake, hitting up the Zoo, Library Story Time, and water balloon fights made our list along with several others. I can't wait to spend my days with these two crazy kids. Boy I love them.

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