Friday, May 29, 2009

oh the pain

I just completed day 3 of The Shred. I cannot put into words how much I dislike Jillian's voice and her rough "encouragement". Tonight I turned the volume way down low and turned on my IPod because I knew if I heard her say one more thing about mixing strength with cardio I would take off my brand new tennis shoes or my "I cannot believe how heavy these are" 3 pound weights and chuck them at her. I am thinking that if I were on The Biggest Loser I would choose Bob as my trainer any 'ole day. Sorry Jillian, but I just don't think it would ever work between us. We're just different people. It's not you, it's - it's you.

friday morning nonsense

So last night I did day 2 of my quest to complete the 30 Day Shred. This morning I can barely lift my arms to undress. This could be a problem unless I decide I do want to venture out of the house with bits of banana and whoknowswhatelse smashed into my shirt. Wouldn't that be pretty! You know that feeling when you are in the car and someone slams on the breaks really fast and then all the muscles in your neck tense up for a moment? Well, that is pretty much how my neck feels right now except - you know - it is constant. Fun, right?

Shawn surprised me with the new CD from Jason Mraz. I know, it has been out for like forever and I am way behind, but who cares because I have it now! Have you heard the song, A Beautiful Mess, off of the album? Oh my word - good stuff! A tiny sample of the lyrics to follow:

and it kind of hurts when the kind of words you say kind of turn themselves into blades

I have bible study this morning and Lauren woke up at 6:00! Shawn played with her while he got ready and let me sleep for a little bit longer. Have I mentioned how much I am NOT a morning person? Have I mentioned I love that man?! Anyway - back to bible study. These mornings are always a little stressful for me because I want Lauren to be good when we go (she stays with me during the study) but her nap time is RIGHT in the middle of our time together. So - I am happy to report that after her early morning appearance, she is now back asleep. I am hoping that she will get a good little nap in before bible study so she won't be all whiny and clingy and overall unhappy.

It is Friday! I am hoping that Shawn only has to work half of a day today so we can spend some family time together. It is actually sunny here today unlike the last 4 days of gloomy gray/grey (which one is it already?!?!?!) weather. Maybe we'll head to the park for some swinging.

I'm planning on making homemade pizza for dinner tonight - Shawn's favorite. I am thinking of making it a Friday Night tradition around here. We both love pizza and I especially love how easy it is to make! Here is the recipe I use for homemade pizza dough (thanks, Kelly!!!):

Heat oven to 425 degrees

1 pkg active dry yeast (I buy my yeast from the whole health food store so I use a heaping tablespoon...emphasis on the heaping)
1 cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp oil
2 1/2 cups flour

Dissolve yeast in water. Beat in remaining ingredients and knead for about 5 minutes. Set aside 5 - 20 minutes to allow dough to rise as desired. If I am in a huge hurry - I skip the rising step - I am a rebel I know! Bake crust for 10 - 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove dough and top with your favorite ingredients. Put pizza back in oven and bake until cheese is melted and looks yummy! ENJOY!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the lake

On Monday Shawn, Lauren, and I drove down to Bull Shoals Lake to visit my family and have some fun in the sun. Unfortunately for us, the sun decided to stay away for most of the day. We did have a few glorious bursts of sunshine and warmth, but only a few.

I was freezing and stayed under a beach towel most of the day but Shawn, my brothers Zach and Jared, and Zach's girlfriend Victoria did get it...brave souls!

If the lake showed me anything this year it is that I am not ready for a bathing suit. So - it is back to The Shred. This time I am going to do it faithfully for 30 days. (hahahah) Ok - I am going to try my very hardest to do it faithfully for 30 days. (hahahah) Ok - I did it this morning...who knows if I will EVER do it again.

I did get these board shorts for tubing and the overall hiding of my upper thighs:

If you haven't ever tubed before and wonder why I need board shorts - the neoprene on the tube rubs my legs raw when I am riding. Combine that with a sunburn and you have some screaming red legs!

Isn't this the cutest? Lauren fell asleep on my mom with the noise of the boat and the breeze. Her life jacket squishes her cheeks so bad. Does anybody know of a good baby jacket?!?! This one is neoprene and she did okay in it...but I am worried about it rubbing her cheeks raw!

Check out her two front teeth! Zach says she looks like SpongeBob which I think is totally inappropriate. :)

This is pretty much what Lauren did all day - ate.

Oh yes - and she was often very thirsty. She can use the sippy by herself...but daddy was there so why put forth the effort?!?!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This past weekend we packed up and headed to H-Ville to see my best friend from high school and her husband and baby girl. It was a great trip and much, much too short.

Amber and I were inseparable from 8th grade through our senior year. We were cheerleaders, played in the band (I know...I know), and went to the same youth group at Church. We even wore the same shirt in different colors on the first day of school our freshman year. She knew all my secrets and I knew all of hers. We shared a locker and made sure we had every class together, even the dreaded gym! We made great fashion choices and thought we were hilarious. I am so thankful for her friendship and love! I don't know what I would have done without her! I don't have any pics from when we were in high school here, but I'll have to get one from my parent's house and upload could be pretty funny!!!

After high school she went to Mizzou and I went to Drury and life just kind of got in the way of everything. We still talked on the phone and got together when we could, but it was hard. I was her maid of honor when she married the love of her life and she was my matron of honor when I married my Shawn. I just love that girl!

Amber and I were both pregnant at the same time last year. In fact, her little girl Kendall was born just two weeks after Lauren. During our pregnancies we only got to see each other one weekend. She lives in St. Louis and it never seemed to work out where we were in the same place at the same time. This weekend was the first weekend we were able to meet each others little girl. It made me realize how much I miss my Ambular and how I wish we were raising our babies closer to each other. I mean, they have to be best friends forever, right?!?!

Here are a few pics of the festivities!


Kendall is walking! Lauren better get - I take that back!

Serious bonding was taking place here! How adorable is that?!?!

2 wiggly girls = you never know what kind of picture you'll get

Amber, thanks for being a great friend throughout the years. You have a beautiful family and I love you dearly! I am so looking forward to our St. Louis weekend this summer!!


Did anyone else watch the season premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8? I'll just tell you I am distraught. You might think that is crazy or that I am totally weird, but I am distraught over the state of their marriage. And when I really break it down, I am distraught over the state of marriage in our country. I can't get this verse out of my head since watching the show:

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy" John 10:10

Here's the deal, I am not blind or naive enough to think that my marriage is safe and sound. I know that satan wants nothing more than to lure me or my husband with visions of grandeur or seeds of distrust only to steal the love we've been working on, to kill our marriage, and to destroy us individually. I have got to pray continually for our marriage if I want it to grow and glorify God.

I know that some marriages out there are in seriously dark places. I know that for some, perhaps Jon and Kate, the road seems impossibly steep and not really worth the climb. What I am suggesting is that this week we all make a very conscious effort to pray for our own marriages first. Then, can we pray for the marriages in our country? Can we pray that satan would not be able to steal, kill, and destroy the sacred union God created? Can I be so bold as to suggest that we could pray for Jon and Kate? Think of the millions of people their story touches? Wouldn't it be just like God to work in their marriage so that they could be an example for others? Can we also pray for the men and women who are faithfully waiting for their future spouse? And can we remind ourselves, when our husband or wife is making us crazy, that we are blessed? I'd love your thoughts on this . . . the floor is yours!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my cuddlebug

I have really been enjoying our mornings lately. Lauren wakes up anywhere between 5 and 6 and I go in to her room to feed her. She is so sweet and warm and cuddly. Then, we both go back to sleep until around 7:30. When she wakes up at 7:30 she is so happy. I can hear her in her crib just talking and making cute little shrieking noises. I change her diaper and then we both come into the living room in our jammies. I turn on the TV or computer and Lauren curls up on my lap. She is such a cuddlebug in the mornings. She puts her little head on my chest and loves for me to tickle her back or legs. I think she is going to be just like her mommy and need a little time to chill before really waking up for the day. I catch up on emails and blogs while she rests and gives me bear hugs. It really is the best way to start the day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

on the flip side

So I posted some things I love a little while back and this morning I got a cRaZy hair to post about things I don't love so much. Feel free to cease reading immediately if you do not wish to become dumber.

Things I do not heart:

~ Kate Gosselin's haircut
~ burnt toast
~ waking up early
~ trying on bathing suits
~ yogurt
~ dirty house, dishes, clothes, etc.
~ flying bugs and real birds
~ uploading pictures on blogger
~ not knowing what is wrong when my baby is sick
~ weeds
~ Adam Lambert (Am. Idol)
~ when the person driving in front of you does not use their blinker
~ junk mail
~ awkward conversations
~ soap operas
~ scary movies

That's about all my brain can think of right now. I'm sure there is more, but I'll spare you all!

Oh, and because I can't resist sharing a picture of my little girl in her first pair of denim shorts, this pic is for you! :) Could she be any cuter? Yea for summa!!!

Also, check out girlfriend's new shoes! Thanks, Grammy!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i wish . . .

Oh how I wish I looked this good in my bathing suit...

Check out those legs! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

birthday in pictures

Today was my birthday. Isn't it fun getting older?!?! I did a whole lot of nothing. I figured it would be my present to myself. I made a big batch of sweet tea this morning and never let my glass get empty. It was glorious. Lauren and I played, I took some pics of her outside, I read, I caught up on blogs, I cleaned out my pantry, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

We have a grape arbor in our back yard and these pictures are taken of Lauren playing under it. It was a gorgeous day - perfect for pictures.

Because Shawn knows how much I love jewelry, he bought me this ring for my birthday:

I know...super classy, right?!?! It is fun and funky and I love it!

He also bought me this super scrumptious chocolate cake from Sams Club. I mean it when I say - to.die.for.

And here we are on our way to Red Robin. Nothing beats the dashboard shot!

Last Friday, Shawn took me out on a date just the two of us for my birthday. We went to Bijans and to see The Skinny Improv downtown so tonight was more of a celebration with our little family. Anywho...we went to Red Robin #1 - because I love it and #2 - because if you sign up for their birthday club you get a free burger on your birthday!!! woot, woot, holla, holla - FREE!!!

Yes, I asked the waitress to take our picture. I know, I am weird.


Shawn also got me a new pair of running shoes. I didn't take a picture of them because I am too tired from my day of doing nothing...or maybe it is just the sugar crash from all that sweet tea! Off to bed!

no words

no words to describe my love for this girl

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

cheese and cheerios

You know, before my sunshine girl, I had clean floors.

The girl looks just like her momma when she eats. Who cares about manners or grace - the goal is to get the food to the mouth as quickly as possible.


Lolo has a new favorite game . . . peek-a-boo! The cutest thing is that she thinks she is hiding!!! She watches me and I pretend that I can't find her.

And here she victoriously throws the hindrance of cover aside and reveals herself to my unsuspecting eyes.

I know, I know - she is a genius.

I cherish these sweet moments and am reminded how very lucky I am to be this little girl's mommy. I hope I am never too busy or tired for a little game of peek-a-boo. Seriously, does life get better than this?

Monday, May 11, 2009

in no particular order

Things I love:

1. quiet afternoons (I read this post at least 3 times before I published it and never noticed that I had written "quite" instead of quiet)
2. the lake
3. a clean house
4. nothing to do
5. my little sunshine girl, aka: punkin, little lady, sweet cheeks, princess, darlin - you get the picture
6. date night
7. the library
8. Jesus
9. sleeping late
10. my handsome hunk of a husband
11. the smell of just mowed grass
12. lip gloss
13. feeling the warm sun on my back
14. really hot bubble baths
15. imagining my grandparents when they were young and fancy free
16. watching my sunshine girl explore her world
17. Sonic ice
18. catching up with old friends
19. empty laundry baskets
20. Hobby Lobby
21. music, music, music
22. being a mommy
23. hanging out with my mommy
24. learning
25. looking through old photos
26. blue skies with big white puffy clouds
27. cooking
28. saving money
29. flip flops
30. being inspired
31. singing at the top of my lungs with my dad
32. all things sweet
33. scrapbooking
34. pink nail polish
35. big bows in my little girl's hair
36. blogging
37. colorful scarves
38. fresh fruit
39. traveling
40. organized drawers and cabinets

Mother's Day

I am blessed.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So, I've been thinking about doing a blog facelift again. I really love what Traci did with this blog, but I think it needs to be more vibrant and cheerful! Anyway, she is just the best ever to work with so I am enlisting her help again. I don't know how long it will take to complete and I am not even exactly sure what I want to do with it but I will keep you posted.

Shawn and I are closer and closer to sponsoring a Compassion Child. I am so excited to start this when Lauren is young. Thanks to all of you who left comments about your work with Compassion. You are changing the world. I really do believe that!

Summer is almost here!!! I've been doing the 30 day Shred in an attempt to be able to wear a bathing suit this summer without causing people to gross out! Let me just tell you that Jillian Michaels might be the devil in sweatpants. I'm just sayin... So far, other than being really sore, I haven't noticed any great shredding of body fat. I'll keep on trucking though.

It's time to make some baby food. My freezer is SO low. I've gotta get my stockpile of carrots, squash, beans, chicken dinners, etc. back up. The nice thing is that Lauren is eating more and more table food. She can eat a whole banana if I cut it up into small pieces. She pretty much eats what Shawn and I eat at dinner unless it is really spicy. I just smush it up really good! Let me tell you, it is nice!

Other than that, a million and four things have been going on that I've wanted to blog about but I just haven't found the time to get it all down. I have some new pictures of Lauren to post and just some general catching up of the 'ole fam. I'm hoping to get back in the swing of blogging on a more regular basis!