Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Personal Summer Challenge

It's been too long since I've been serious about getting in shape. I have great resources at my fingertips now to help propel me toward some goals I've got and I am finally ready to just get started! Thanks to Stacie over at Motherhood on a Dime I was inspired to make this little journey a challenge for myself!

Here's what I'll be doing:

- Thanks to our garden and the fabulous gardens of our family members we plan on eating more raw veggies this summer. I've also pretty much weaned myself from soda. I say pretty much because it isn't necessarily the intense craving that it used to be. I can say no. I can choose water and not feel completely dissatisfied anymore. My goal is to go completely soda free.

 - I'm starting back with Jillian Michael's The Shred. My goal is to work out using this DVD 3 times a week. I am also hoping to be able to attend a pilates class with my wonderful (and super inspiring) friend Tammy at least once a week this summer.

- I want to lose weight. Real weight. So, I will be taking a picture of the scale each morning. I don't think I'll share the picture because I know every person is different, but I might be calling on a few of you I could message the pic to to help keep me accountable. You in?

- I'm using the app My Fitness Pal to help keep track of my calories taken in and burned. It's a great app and so easy to use!

And, today as I officially begin this new little personal challenge, I am going to be taking a full body before pic. Ugh. As I've scoured Pinterest I've seen all the before and after pics and honestly it has been so motivating for me. I want to be able to see how far I've come!

Each week I'll be checking in with a little update as to how this thing is going. I know myself well enough to know there will definitely be some slip ups, but I am hoping I can get some real traction going!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Lessons

Today was the first day of swim lessons for my little girl! She has been so super excited (even if this mama was so super nervous) and she could not wait to get her swimsuit and sunscreen on. She even paused long enough to let me snap this picture of her before we left!

The swim lessons are taught by a lady in our neighborhood. She has an excellent reputation and I couldn't believe our luck that not only was she within walking distance of our house, but that we actually got on her super long list! Lauren goes two weeks, four days a week, for 50 minutes. Easton's lessons start in July. :)

I caught this picture of Lauren on our walk to lessons. She was so happy. So carefree. So excited.

Here Lauren is waiting for her teacher before the lessons began. Oh my goodness she was just too cute in her bathing suit.

The parents don't actually stay back for the lessons so that the kids can pay closer attention to the teacher, so I snapped this picture of her little swim class learning the safety procedures of the pool before their official lesson began. Easton was having a major fit because he wanted in the pool so I had to get out of there quickly.

And I think this picture just about sums the whole first day up....

she was one tired girl. But, she absolutely loved swim lessons and cannot wait to go back tomorrow!!!!

Our Easy Father's Day Gift - 2012

I don't know why but Father's Day always seems to sneak up on me. This year, we had a particularly busy week leading up to the big day so when I thought of this idea (I'd seen it on Pinterest) early in the week I knew we had to go ahead and get it done!

We started with a white 8x10 canvas I had in our craft supply and a bunch of odds and ends stickers. I wanted a Bible verse for this gift since we were making it for Shawn to hang in his office. I loved the message of Proverbs 20:8 and so I got to sticking on stickers. I made sure to stick them down as tightly as I could. (The color of the stickers won't matter since you'll be painting over them anyway.)

After I got the stickers all on, I let the kiddos loose with the paint! I chose manly colors of blue, green, and yellow but I think any combination would be pretty! Easton might have sneaked in a few tastes of the paint while he was working. I made sure Lauren knew to paint lightly over the stickers because I didn't want any to accidentally fall off.

Both of the kids had a great time painting over the letters. It was messy, yes, but so worth it!

I made sure to let the canvas dry completely before attempting to remove the letter stickers.

I peeled letters off while I watched the kids playing on the deck. I was so excited to see the finished product!

The paint bled through in some areas, but I think it gave it an even cooler look! :) The best news was that Shawn absolutely loved it. He proudly hung it in his office!!! 

It's A New Year....Wait - it's June?!

Remember back in January when I was full of resolutions and excitement and passion for the new year? I created a book list for 2012 that I was so motivated to push through. Well, needless to say I've not even finished a fraction of the list. It's been an interesting first half of 2012 for me. Lots of personal struggles that have kept me from reading (and blogging).

I've stepped away from a few things just recently so I am hoping to get a better grip on some personal goals I've had.

I'm hoping to read more. And these are just a few of the titles I have on my list....

And blog more. This place used to be my sacred space. Yes, some people read it, but I felt safe here. Seems like this blog has gone through an identity crisis in the past 6 months. So many times I opened it up but just could not write. It's time to get back to why I started blogging here in the first place. For my kids. Our memories. The thoughts their mama had. Documenting our lives together.

So I guess today sort of feels like a New Year to me.