Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring & Baby Kicks

It seems fitting that during this spring season of new beginnings, our little darling has "woken up" to start kicking me with enthusiasm and life. I think she can sense the change in temperature and the change in me. I absolutely love spring with its brilliant colors, warm breezes, and sunny skies! How can you be down when the world is so up?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

20 weeks

20 weeks of pregnancy behind me, 20 more to go! Pregnancy is really the craziest thing ever. We went to the doctor this week and had a second ultrasound done. The doctor confirmed one more time that there is a girl in there. Actually, what he said was, "If it's a boy, we know it's a boy. If it's a girl, it's probably a girl." Comforting, huh!? He was pretty confident, so I am choosing to be also! We will have a final ultrasound in about 10 weeks. I guess we'll check again then! :)
She is moving around quite a bit in there! It sort of feels like little pieces of popcorn popping every now and then. We've been able to hear her heartbeat whenever we want thanks to a wonderful friend who loaned her hospital grade heartbeat monitor to us. Her heartbeat is truly the most magical sound ever. It just doesn't get old hearing it.
Already she is a huge fan of John Mayer and Sara Groves. Also, she really enjoys Dr. Seuss books. I guess that's the teacher in me. It's a great, fun, wonderful time and I feel so blessed and a little afraid that God is trusting Shawn and me with this huge task. Should be interesting!!!

Saving Money

I am so excited about this website:

A couple I love dearly shared this with me. Their daughter is a stay at home mom and uses the tools and strategies for saving money found on this site. So, I looked into it. Basically...I am hooked! I never thought I could afford to shop at Walgreens, but I have found (in my one quick shopping trip there) that they have MANY bargains if you catch their store sales and clip coupons. Right now, I am just a baby saver and I am trying hard to learn all the ropes. It is worth a look! Fun, fun!!!