Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Praise

My gallbladder ultrasound came back fine. I got the call from the doctor yesterday. I am really glad that there is nothing wrong with it but I am still trying to figure out what the pain is from. Having never been pregnant before, I have nothing to compare this to. If anyone knows where this pain may be from or what it is, I have open ears!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

Shawn and I recently purchased a very inexpensive patio set. Let me just say...I LOVE IT! We have a beautiful backyard (thanks to the hard work and dedication of my sweet hubby) and I have been enjoying just relaxing in the sun. In fact, I am writing this blog from the back yard right now! How fun. Also, it is a great opportunity for me to catch some sun. My legs are freakishly white this summer. I've also spent time out here with my current bible study by Beth Moore, A Heart Like His. I've caught up on emails, researched homemaking ideas, and worked on my final masters class. There is nothing quite like being outside to lift my spirits. My second favorite thing are these frozen lemonade popsicle things. Oh my are they good! I think I'll have one now!


So, I just got back from a gallbladder ultrasound. I've been having pain in my back and near the top of my uterus on my right side. It is a pain that goes straight through if that makes sense. Of course, the technician couldn't tell me anything. I have to wait for someone else to review the pictures and for my doctor to call me. I am hoping that will be in the next few days. I don't hope that there is something wrong with my gallbladder, but I do hope that they can tell me what the pain is from. It is isolated and uncomfortable. I think these are the sides of pregnancy nobody wants you to know about!