Monday, October 29, 2012

Motivation Monday!!!

My lovely friend Miranda and I are starting a new little something together! It's called Motivation Mondays! Both of us are planners and organizers and type - A perfectionists. Our problem, ahem, is not the planning...that is SUPER fun for us and we could do that all. day. long. Nope, our problem isn't's the follow through. 

So - each Monday (hopefully!!!) we will be posting our big goal for the week and sometimes we will share how we plan on accomplishing it. Sort of like a little accountability thing, ya know? Oh and we want you to join in if you'd like!!!!

So, without further ado, here is my goal for the week!!!!


Wanna know how much guilt I've been carrying around about this above goal? All my good intentions and plans have not been very fruitful. I started well (and we did one whole week!) and then life happened and things weren't perfect and I had a bad day and suddenly we are weeks behind!

I only have so much time with these hooligans and I haven't been soaking it up. Back in September when we were going to start officially homeschooling for PK with Lolo I was on fire and ready to go. But, lately our school time has been non-existent. I know Lauren loves our school time and I know Easton benefits from it too....I just have to make it a priority. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

1. Finding this free first session of Ann Voskamp's new 1,000 gifts devotional. Totally watched it while doing my C25K this morning on the treadmill.

2. Starting this book by Crystal from Money Saving Mom and watching God show me some "stuff" about myself!

3. My husband. He works so hard and has been working exceptionally long hours lately in order to finish a big project he's working on. I know he is stressed to the max, but he still comes home and gives us his all here. He is an amazing person and I'm grateful every single day that I got to marry him and that I get to be his wife.

4. Cooler weather! I love me some warm summer, but I adore me some fall coolness. And the leaves! The colors! The scent in the air! It's gorgeous around here.

5. A much needed date day with my bestie from high school. I absolutely love her and today we are going to eat lunch, talk, laugh, shop, and just be together without kids or obligations!!! I cannot wait. She is such an encouragement to me and I adore her. Yay!!!!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Is In The Air

Yesterday (and today!) have been beautiful days here in the Ozarks. A little warm for my fall taste, but beautiful nonetheless. We've spent a lot of time outside and yesterday I grabbed my real camera and set out to capture some fall leaf crunching memories. I think I got a few good ones. :)

Dear fall 2012, we're sort of in love with you. 
xoxo ~ The Barry Fam

Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! This week has flown by in some ways and dragged on in others....but, it has been a great one nonetheless! Here are my top 5 moments from the past week!

1. On Sunday Easton and I stayed home from church since he wasn't feeling awesome and Shawn and Lauren went. My parents called and said they were coming to town for lunch so we met them for Mexican food. Then, they came back to the house for a while. Easton crawled up into my dad's lap and just fell asleep. He has never ever done that for me. I guess my dad has the magic touch. My parents ended up taking both kids back home with them for the night! Woo Hoo!!!

2. Since my parents had the kids Monday for a while I went to town. By myself. To look. And I found these earrings at Francesca's. In absolute LOVE with them.

3. We had some beautiful weather around here this week so the kids and I had a ton of fun on the trampoline.

4. Shawn's truck has been having issues lately. So Tuesday night we took it down to my parents' house so that a guy my dad knows and trusts can work on it. We are sure glad to know it's in good hands!

5. I got a new blog look! My awesome and darling friend, Miranda created it for me and I just smile every time I look at it. :) Yay!!!!

I'm linking up at High Five for Friday!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Half Bath Reveal!!!!

It's probably ridiculous how excited I am to have a FINAL reveal to share here. Well....I am still waiting on the roman shade for the window to get here....ugh backorder! But, other than that the downstairs bathroom is d to the done!

The bones of the bathroom were great. Other than having to rip out the back wall and replace the window and replace a few boards of the hardwood (okay, that was a lot actually) all we did was paint and decorate!

The runner was a Target clearance find. I'd actually been eyeing it for a while so when it went on sale I snagged it up! The toilet paper holder is a garage sale crate I stained.

I've been collecting plates for a while now for this wall. I know, it's a bit strange to have plates on a wall in a bathroom, but they just seemed to work for me. I sort of adore them.

Shawn built me these awesome pallet shelves. He found the boards in our woods out back and used this super easy tutorial on how to make them. I filled them with little things I've been collecting over the years and some stuff I just recently found.

(Shawn will want you to know that the shelves are not crooked...hah! It's the angle I took the pic! You can rest assured they are level!)

I made the rope vase by hot gluing the rope to a large black beans can I'd saved. I love it. It took literally no time and I think it gives a great natural element!!!! The wooden spool is so cool....I wish it were an antique but it's just a Marshall's find. ;)

Shawn used some of my leftover rope from the can project to create a one of a kind towel holder for me!!! I am in serious love with it!

Here is the view from the hallway. We are waiting on a white roman shade to cover the window. I love having it open, but if people are on the back deck it makes it awkward to use the restroom, ha!

I'm so in love with this room. I love the feeling of it and it just makes me so happy to know that we have come so far from where it started!!!! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Day of Yes

I'm an amazing mom...

...when my kids are asleep. 

I have incredible patience, energy, and love to give them. I play with them without a wandering mind. I correct with a soft voice and never sigh loudly or roll my eyes. We stay on a consistent routine and I never keep them out past their nap times. I am not selfish and I willingly share the last bite of my coveted pumpkin muffin. I plan fun and engaging lessons and we take weekly field trips. I don't count the minutes until nap time or until Shawn gets home. 

Yep, when my kids are asleep I am the mom I've always dreamed I'd be. 

But, I'm going to be completely transparent here, when my kids are awake and they add their own personalities and bodies and issues to the mix, I fail miserably. Or, at least I don't live up to my own expectations. 

I'm learning some things though. First and foremost, I'm learning that parenting is not a one person job. It isn't even a job held between spouses. To parent well I have to be in it with God. I've got to daily rely on Him to fill me and give me the grace do this thing He's called me to. Daily. 

I'm also learning that if I'm not engaged in my job, it loses it's luster and starts to feel tedious and mundane. Too many things vie for my attention these days. Social media especially has a way of sneaking in and taking up way too much of my mind and time and energy....and taking it away from my kids. When I am dis-engaged, I know they know. I wonder if much of the discipline issues we have been facing have come from my being only half heartedly there?

I'm not at all saying that I should be hovering over my kids one hundred percent of the day. Its good for them to play independently and to play together without me. And, let's face it this house would collapse in on itself if I didn't do some housework and laundry. But, I guess I'm just wondering if the time I did have with my kids was me being completely there and not distracted, would it change their behavior? Would it flame my passion for being a mama again? 

It's worth a try, right?

So....on that note, I've deemed tomorrow to be the Day of Yes. The day of yes means that I'm going to give my kids more of me tomorrow (and I'm sort of hoping it will stick :))  When Lolo asks to build that fort, I'm going to say yes (and have fun doing it with her!) When Easton wants a horsey back ride, I'm going to guessed it, yes!

I'm putting it out here because I'm letting the two of you who read this (Hi, Papa and Meme!!!) know that you have complete permission to text me and ask me if I'm saying YES to my kids tomorrow. :) 

Here's to being all in tomorrow! Here's to relying on God to help me say yes when the dishes beckon or I am all out of energy. Here's to the Day of Yes!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bathroom Sneak Peak

Yes, I know this stuff is in our dining room but it will all find its way into the bathroom soon and VERY soon!!! It sure feels good to be getting some rooms finished around here! Cannot wait to show the final result!!!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Slow Day

The kids and I have been taking it easy the past few days. We've had our first rounds of the dreaded fall cold but I think we are finally on the mend! Today while we cuddled and I soaked up all the precious and tender moments (and some crazy ones too, of course!) I thought about how hard these days are and how I could have missed them. So grateful that I didn't.

I've fallen in love with a song called, Little Light by Audrey Assad. The words below are the lyrics to this song.

Look at all the angels watching you
They’re singing songs that we have never heard
Their voices ring like bells over the mountains
Oh, if only we could hear their words
God is near, little girl.

Your eyes are brilliant,deep sky blue.
Your quiet wisdom is an evening song.
The angels must be breathless at your beauty
Like the world catches its breath before the dawn.
God is near, little one.

And Jesus bends to hear you breathe;
His tender hands are holding you tonight.
His heart is ravished when you look at Him,
and oh, the endless mercy in His eyes;
God is here, little light.