Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Imago Dei

Imago Dei = Image of God

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."
Genesis 1:26

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him.
Genesis 1:27


I am going to try very hard to relay the information I learned this past weekend at the Living Proof Live event in St. Louis. Beth Moore was/is an amazing teacher and she left me craving God's word in a mighty way. I am so thankful for the loving words the Lord spoke over me through her.

Okay, back to it.

I think that it would be safe to say that we all wonder what we are doing here and what we were made for. It is an innate searching in us for the ultimate truth. The world today tells us many things. According to the world, we were made to find happiness and pleasure in every part of our lives. We were made to get ahead financially. We were made to be beautiful and turn another's eye. We were made to succeed. We were made to be important. But, these things don't fulfill...they don't satiate the deep desire in us. These worldly things fall flat and so short of the plans God has for us.

According to the Word, we are called to be image bearers of God. We were created to bear God's image. Here is the kicker. Believer or not...we all bear God's image. There is no turning away from this simple (yet so beautiful and profound) truth. The most lost person out there still bears God's image. All of mankind was created in His image. If you are a thinker, you bear God's image (Jeremiah 29:11 KJV). If you are creative, you bear God's image (Genesis 1:26-27).

Okay, so we all bear His image, but God wants us to not only bear it, but to REFLECT it. Or as Beth said, "let's bear it to wear it." We can live our whole lives, made in God's image, and never ever reflect God's image. We can spend our whole lives concerned about our own self-image and never emanate the glory of God.We can get so wrapped up in making ourselves look good that it becomes a counterfeit life...not the one intended for us by God.

Bearing God's image is a choice. Beth said that we would never wear it by accident. It is the daily putting on of who God is in our lives. It is the daily remembrance of Christ's actions. It is the daily choice to obey God's plan for our lives.

One of the things that Beth said that really hit me was this:
"Whenever we lie (live a lie, believe a lie) we are protecting our own self-image and not reflecting God in us. This is untrue to ourselves."

I really thought about that. It seems that whenever I am tempted to lie about something or believe a lie about something, it usually stems back to wanting to protect myself. I want to protect this image I have built of who I think I am.

I know this post is crazy and mostly just a bunch of thoughts thrown out there, but I want to leave with this.

"Yielded to His Spirit, redeemed man increasingly emanates the image of God."

Oh how I desire so much to yield to the Spirit and increasingly emanate the image of God. How I so desire for God to see Himself so clearly in me....for others to see Him so clearly in me. I can only pray that I will not get so wrapped up in my own self-image that I neglect to show the image of God.

Imago Dei

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

st. louis

This past weekend Leslie, Carissa, Mandie, and myself headed to St. Louis to have a little girl's retreat and to see the Beth Moore. We took my car and I drove until we got close to St. Louis and the crazy traffic and crazier drivers. Carissa took over from there and wasn't a bit fazed. She is a rock star driver.

Potty break #1.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock cafe and I don't know if it was just because we were all starving or if the food was just amazing, but I don't think I've ever tasted a burger quite so yummy before. As we were sitting there I asked the girls if they thought the restaurant had any John Mayer memorabilia. I was too chicken to ask the waitress so Mandie did it for me. What a friend! Anyway, much to my dismay, they did not have a single ounce of John Mayer in the place. =(

We decided that we should do something to commemorate our little trip so Mandie, Carissa, and I got henna tattoos. Mine is already starting to wear off. Made me think about getting a real one....

Leslie decided she would rather spend her money on some coffee goodness and Mandie had a gift card so they hit up Starbucks for some iced mocha love.

Carissa and Leslie found these suhweet jumpsuits at Arden B. What is the fashion world coming to?

We met up with my BFF from high school, Amber and headed to the arena in enough time to get decent seats. I'm not going to lie...I was really freaked out about getting to the arena on time. I don't like to be late and I don't like to have to search frantically for a good seat. It stresses me out. Thankfully, the girls love me and accept me even in all my craziness.

We went straight from the mall to the arena so we did much of our primping in the car. Mandie gave us a little bronzer makeover. I only got the pic of Leslie...she is so gorgeous!

Leslie and me in the parking garage.

Leslie, me, and Mandie in the parking garage.

Amber and me!

When we got into the arena I met up with my friend Kelly. It was really neat to see people we knew there. Also, I kind of have crazy eyes in the picture. I think it was from the mad dash to find seats.

Our group:

I had to get the annual "Beth Moore and Me" pic. =)

I can't wait to share about the conference. It was SO.MUCH. My mind is still sorting through the information. I am afraid if I tried to spell it out it would be a big huge scatterbrained mess.

We had a blast. I feel like I learned so much about these girls as women and as my friends. What a blessing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

mmmmm you can find me in st. louie....

....the rest of the song is TOTALLY inappropriate. I know because I googled the lyrics and let me just say that my jaw is still on the kitchen table as I type this. To think, I once jammed (does that word make me old) to that song.

Anyway, the truth is you can find me in St. Louie this weekend. Yeppers ~ I am heading out with 4 of my besties (now I sound 12) to attend a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event! Woot woot. Words can't even describe how excited I am. The "woot woot" might have given it away but I can assure you that there is much more gusto when it is not simply typed out.

Last October I had the opportunity to go see Beth in Memphis and it was FABULOUS. You can read about that here and here and here.

Oh and read this....just for good measure. It will make you laugh and make you think less of me all at the same time. I love it!

I've been praying and trying to prepare myself to hear God speak this weekend. I believe that He has a divine reason for me to be going. There is something He wants to whisper to me and you better believe I don't want to miss that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

Found this on another favorite blog and had to share. Shawn, baby, you rock!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

knock-off lamp

I saw a beautiful flower covered lamp in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and I knew I had to have it for Lauren's "big-girl" room but I didn't want to pay the SKY HIGH price for it. So, I decided that I would attempt to make it myself.

3 months is done!

I hot-glued every single one of those roses on there and it took FOREVER. I am really pleased with the way it turned out though.

Disregard the dust on the table. The lamp has taken up every second I should have spent dusting.

It really looks pretty with the light streaming through it. I really couldn't be happier now that it is done. I think it adds just the right touch of sweetness. I'll keep you posted as we s l o w l y transition Lauren's room...the black furniture will be gone and new color will go on the walls. I can't wait. But, then I really can. She still looks absolutely adorable in her crib. I think I'll keep it that way for just a bit longer.

hotness, sweaty lips, and precious pics...

This past week has been HOT. So, of course, I decided it would be the perfect time to get a few pictures made of Miss LoLo and myself for Shawn's Father's Day. I am sure that last sentence is full of all sorts of grammatical errors. I had to let my editor go due to economic times and the oil spill in the gulf. So things are a little rough around here right now.

My sweet friend, Bethany, offered to snap some pics of the little lady and myself and I jumped at the opportunity. Lauren knows Bethany and I thought (hoped, prayed, and fasted) that she might be more agreeable to picture taking and you know, like, actually smile for the camera.
Bethany did such an amazing job and even managed to fix some of the pictures so that my upper lip (who sweats there?) wasn't SO shiny. And, despite it being 384 degrees outside we had a good time. And - we got some super sweet pictures. I even love the fact that Lauren isn't smiling in most of them...because let's be real here - the girl doesn't smile for the camera. It's her thing. She's a teenager at 2.

Okay, so I got the shirts at Union28, an online store. Mine says, "My Husband Rocks" and Lauren's says, "My Dad Rocks".


When Bethany said, "Let's do a foot shot." I thought, this is weird. And, I don't like feet. BUT - I love this picture. I will always remember how tiny her sweet feet were. Oh the preciousness of pink Chuck Taylors.

My heart nearly melts at this picture.

Her curls were a raging mess what with all the heat and sweat, but I think they are just PRECIOUS!!!

Bethany was literally laying in the grass for this picture. Oh how I love it.

Checking out the fish....

Bethany, THANK YOU for braving the heat, a cranky toddler, and a sweaty mama. You are the best and I LOVE the pictures. Keep it up, girl!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer cold

Today, Lauren and I headed to her pediatrician's office. She's been congested and has had several rough patches with coughing. Mostly, I wanted to make sure that she didn't have an ear infection.

Haha - I love these pictures of her trying to smile. I think she was saying cheese in the picture above. Even sick - that girl is a hoot.

As we were waiting to go back to see the doctor, we watched the fish swim. Lauren was fascinated and kept finding the "puwpus" fish.

While we were waiting in the exam room, Lauren had a fun time hopping on the blue tiles.

The doctor came in and did a quick look at Lauren. She said that she had a "summer cold". I have to admit, I didn't think you could get summer colds. That just seems so wrong. Anyway, there really isn't much I can do for her other that what I have been doing. She also noticed that Lauren's 2 year molars are coming in. That totally explains her increased fussiness and irritability the last week or so. I am so glad to know that those babies are coming in so I can make sure and give her medicine!

I am really hoping that I don't catch this cold. Some girlfriends and I are heading to St. Louis this Friday for a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event. I'm praying that I don't get sick!!! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This morning Lauren and I got ready to go swimming with our playgroup. Before we left she posed (on my exercise steps) for some pictures. I have NO idea where she gets that from ;) Oh, and yes - that is a "bink" in her mouth. I know...I know...I know... But, I have it under control. I do.

I put her hair up in a full ponytail today and it was just precious. Precious.

She came up with this pose on her own. Oh dear!

Oh the preciousness of tiny feet in flip-flops.

This pic was taken after the swimming fun. We were missing sweet Issie....she didn't really want to swim so her daddy came and got her!

Look at that sweet thing. Seriously, I just love that little belly in a swimsuit.

After swimming we headed back to Bethany's for some amazingly good hot dogs grilled by her hubby. She made this veggie dip that was to.die.for. and I meant to get the recipe. Mandie made some amazing baked beans and I asked her for the recipe, but she is so good she can just throw a bunch of stuff into it and it turns out amazing. I don't have that gift. It's unfortunate!

After lunch we let the kids play for a little while. 

Lauren was on the move!

I love this picture of the girls. Bethany and I went to high school together but were a couple of years apart (I was older) and not close. It is just so funny to me because I never would have thought that our little girls would be playing together one day. I am so thankful that God put us together as friends in this season of our lives. 

As most of you know, "I am very musical" (inside joke for the dream team girls!) and as you can see, my daughter has inherited that wonderful trait from me. =) Rock Band - watch out!


What a fun day!!!

nammy's birthday

Monday, June 14th, was my mom's birthday. She came to Springfield to hang out with her girls. Well, more accurately she came to hang out with Lauren and I got to tag along. =)

We took her out to one of her favorite places to eat, Cheddar's. I ordered spinach dip for an appetizer and Lauren tried it. I couldn't believe she did because she usually looks at new food with disgust. Anyway, I captured it on camera!!!

My mom and I were both waiting to see her reaction. I figured she would hate it, but she didn't!!! I told my mom it was a sign of many Cheddar's girl dates in our future!

We tried to get her to put mustard on her fries, but she DID.NOT.LIKE.IT. =)

The ketchup was a hit, though!

We did some shopping after and then met my brother, Zach, at Sam's for some grocery shopping. Lauren calls him "Wack" which I think is just hilarious and oh so fitting for him. She calls my brother, Jared, "gi-gi" which is even funnier considering it doesn't even rhyme with Jared.

Lauren loved running up and down the aisles of Sam's with her Uncle Wack. They are really sweet together.

 Hope you had a fabulous day Mom! How could you not with kids like these?