Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This morning Lauren and I got ready to go swimming with our playgroup. Before we left she posed (on my exercise steps) for some pictures. I have NO idea where she gets that from ;) Oh, and yes - that is a "bink" in her mouth. I know...I know...I know... But, I have it under control. I do.

I put her hair up in a full ponytail today and it was just precious. Precious.

She came up with this pose on her own. Oh dear!

Oh the preciousness of tiny feet in flip-flops.

This pic was taken after the swimming fun. We were missing sweet Issie....she didn't really want to swim so her daddy came and got her!

Look at that sweet thing. Seriously, I just love that little belly in a swimsuit.

After swimming we headed back to Bethany's for some amazingly good hot dogs grilled by her hubby. She made this veggie dip that was to.die.for. and I meant to get the recipe. Mandie made some amazing baked beans and I asked her for the recipe, but she is so good she can just throw a bunch of stuff into it and it turns out amazing. I don't have that gift. It's unfortunate!

After lunch we let the kids play for a little while. 

Lauren was on the move!

I love this picture of the girls. Bethany and I went to high school together but were a couple of years apart (I was older) and not close. It is just so funny to me because I never would have thought that our little girls would be playing together one day. I am so thankful that God put us together as friends in this season of our lives. 

As most of you know, "I am very musical" (inside joke for the dream team girls!) and as you can see, my daughter has inherited that wonderful trait from me. =) Rock Band - watch out!


What a fun day!!!


  1. She is a rockstar just like her mom!!

  2. I just knew she would be musically could she not be ;)!?! i just love looking at your pictures...she is so precious and I don't get to see her nearly enough!!

  3. What a little cutie! It looks like you all had fun, if nothing else but to get them all dressed in their adorable swimwear. At least that's one of my favorite parts of letting Ryan swimming. :-) Oh, and I like your t-shirt. ;-)