Monday, May 14, 2012

A Wonderful Case of the Stripes!

I've had a dream for our entryway for a while now. But, it took a lot of persuading (and quite a few pictures on Pinterest) to get Shawn on board! :) I wanted....

Here are the before pictures. We used Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige for the base. I absolutely LOVE this color and plan on using it through most of the downstairs. I'm a big neutral wall with pops of accent color kinda girl. ;)

We taped it off. Well, actually Shawn did the measuring and taping for the most part. I helped a little. :) One of the best tips we used was to actually get out our original base color and paint over the tape a bit to sort of seal the tape down and also not allow any of the lighter color to bleed through. It worked perfectly...not a single area needed touch up!!!! (You can see the right side was where I had already painted over the tape and the right side hadn't been done yet.

We went with a 12" wide stripe and I LOVE it!!!! The lighter color is Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White.

We are only doing the entry with the stripes to make it more of an accent wall. I already have plans for the wall by the coat closet. I see lots of frames and fun pieces that hold great memories for us there.

Still see the awful wallpaper in the dining room? And the tiny peek of bright gag-me yellow from our kitchen?!?! I am seriously itching to get my hands all over those rooms. But, I've got to be patient!!!! :)

The entry now feels SO like us and it literally makes me smile every single time I walk by it. So glad Shawn trusted me! And, I'm super thankful he is so particular...the stripes are perfectly spaced and painted. Couldn't have done it without my man!!!

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  1. What color was used on the doors and trim, it gives a good contrast to the white on the walls.