Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project Life: Wks 24 & 25

When I got my first Project Life kit it sat in its box under my bed for a year. I was dealing with so much internally that I couldn't even think about adding something to my list that I just knew I wouldn't finish.

I guess that's why, a year later, I am amazed that I've been able to stick with this PL thing for almost 7 straight months. The best part is that I still love it. This is the first time I've been caught up completely and only have the current week to work on so that's a freeing feeling as well.

Week 24:

This was a BUSY week for us. I included two inserts this week. One of extra instagram pics from our day at the lake and the other insert has pictures of us at Ryan's 4th birthday party!!!!

Week 25: This was my first week to use the new Kraft kit! I really love it, but I think the colors will work better for fall pictures. Maybe not....I like how this week looks, but I kept thinking it would go perfectly with autumn colors.

I included two inserts this week as well. The first is all about our Sunday School fellowship on Saturday night and the second is my newest cleaning routine. I just printed an extra off and put it in a sheet protector...I wrote about it on a journaling card that I just glued to the back of that page.

I LOVE having my book up to date! And I LOVE Project Life!!!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project Life: Wks 16-23

I STILL love Project Life. And I'm sorry that basically all I've posted lately are my layouts, but I like seeing what others have done so I thought I'd put mine out there too! Hopefully it's not too annoying!

So here we go!

Week 16 was busy around here! I put the black box over my journal card for mom's surgery, cause not everybody needs to know all the details!

Here is the other side of my week 16 layout with an insert included.

Back side of the insert (again you can see I blacked out the journaling card on the front page)

And here is the right side of my week 16 layout with the insert removed. :)

Week 17 was my first week to use my NEW Honey kit! In. Love.

Full spread:

Week 18: I went back and got the Midnight edition and I LOVE it too!!!

I just slipped Lauren's first ever Awana award in a regular page protector this week.

I included the pic I took of the kids on Awana Awards Sunday before we left for church on the back on the award page.

Week 18 full spread.

Week 19 called for even more Honey love.

We celebrated my birthday AND Mother's day so I included my favorite Design J page protector. The front side is all bday pics and a journaling card about the actual day. (I know my bday is the 13th, but it made more sense to include it in this week's layout!)

The back side are some pics we got from Mother's Day at my parents' house before church. I also used cards from the Blush edition for this side. :) Also in love with it!

Week 19 full spread:

Week 20:

Ugh blurry pic and too lazy to go retake!

Week 23 was full of potty training and insulating the attic. Ugh to both!

I'm still really enjoying this process of documenting our lives this way. I love that it is a tangible way for us to see the life we are living...and I know these kids won't stay little forever so it keeps me accountable for recording our lives right now.

I have week 24 almost done, just waiting on a few pics to be developed. :)

Friday, June 07, 2013


Happy Friday! Oh my word....this week has been kind of just blah for me. The kids and I have been fighting colds which means we have pretty much been quarantined in our house all week. Shawn's been busy working on getting our attic ready for insulation so we haven't seen much of him and I guess I'm just ready for a change. But,'s Friday! And even though it's been kind of ehhh for me this week, there are still some highlights!

1. I'm loving the James study from Beth Moore. And the's still cool enough to sit comfortably in our screened in porch!

2. I got to spend the whole day Monday with my dear friend, Tammy. We worked on getting her room organized and ready for August. She just moved buildings and her room is adorable and amazing! I won't totally made me miss teaching. I love, love, loved that job.

3. Ugh - potty training. Let's just say my son is in diapers today. What in the world?!?! I've cleaned up more messes this week and it's just frustrating! We are taking a little re-group break. 

But he sure does look cute in his little undies!

4. PROJECT LIFE ORGANIZATION!!!!! Thanks to Leslie, I have the perfect way to organize all my PL goodies! These are closet organizers from Target but they fit the PL cards perfectly!

And even better, they fit perfectly in the bottom two drawers of my dining room dresser!!!! Yes, I have a lot of PL kits now....darn that Hobby Lobby! Just kidding, HL - I love you and you know it.

5. It's Friday. Finally. My house is a wreck and needs some deep cleaning and we have lots more to do on the attic before we are ready for the insulation to be blown in. But it IS Friday and I'm just gonna take it. Sometimes that's all we got!