Sunday, June 13, 2010

post-it happy

I am a huge fan of post-it notes. In all honesty I am a huge fan of any cute or colorful office supply. I've been known to go mighty crazy over some colorful and large paperclips.

Anyway, I have been dreaming for a while now of how great it would be to have a big 'ole post-it note. No lines on it. Just wide-open writing spaces. Then, when I was browsing the office supply aisle at Target I spotted these sweeties right next to the ever helpful dust remover:

That's right, baby... 8 INCHES by 6 INCHES of pure unlined post-it note bliss. It's unfortunate that they would have cost my right arm and a few toes or they would be in my possession right.this.very.minute.

And I would be writing all my big ideas down on those great big notes.


  1. We share this love, Girl! These are so cool! I'm thinking they would be a great gift to myself when I have to go back to work...

  2. I am SO with you on the PINs!! They're just so awesome, with their bright colors and their little sticky can hang them anywhere!! AND, they don't leave any stickiness when you take them down....EPIC genius that invented those little beauties. =) I'm glad you found the ones that you've been jonesing for!! They are pretty awesome...;)

  3. Very cool! Did you know they have a stick notes app? You must have that!