Wednesday, October 28, 2009

toilet head

Is somebody giving out The Best Mom of the Year Award? Cause I totally deserve to be nominated. Scratch that - I totally deserve to win. You aren't so sure? Here are the pictures to prove it:

So, yeah - this is what happens when your sweet and sneaky little 15 month old decides to wash her hair in the toilet. Wait, should I repeat that last part? In.The.Toilet.People. I swear she was only gone for like 15 seconds. Do you see how proud she was of herself in that first picture? I wish I could say the same of myself...


  1. It's just amazing at how quickly they can get into things. She is growing so fast! She looks like a toddler- not a baby anymore!!!

  2. Oh Lauren! What a speedy little girl! That makes my stomach turn a little for you while I laugh out loud because it's just too funny. I'm just trying not to think ahead too far in my future.

  3. my God! i so loooooooooove your blog. i've been reading from the first page and i can't help but type out comments from now! =D

    you rock!

    and that's one *besutiful* family there! =)
    GoD BlesS!