Thursday, May 09, 2013

Clothing Trauma

Oh my goodness.

Let's just say that in the past few weeks/months mothering my daughter has gotten exceedingly more difficult than usual. I don't know when my almost five year old turned into a pre teen, but I'd like to go back to that exact moment and nip it in the bud.

Every day is a fight about what she wears and how her hair is fixed and all I want to do is make sure she looks like a pretty little lady, not a wandering gypsy. If it were up to her she would wear pajamas every single day. Or comfy pants that are two inches too short with baggy tee shirts and dress sandals. Oh and let's not forget the big rats nest in her hair! She doesn't like bows or braids or piggy tails or pony tails or any of the just darling-ness out there for little girls' hair.

I know my mama will say this is just payback for when I was Lauren's age. And in her defense I do remember freaking out about the way jeans and corduroy felt against my skin. I am also pretty sure I would only wear dresses for approximately five years of my early childhood. But, I mean come on....corduroy is a much bigger offense than a cute and comfortable matching outfit, right?

I don't know what to do. I mean at some point she is going to have to go to school and I am going to have to make sure she doesn't look like her mama don't bathe her. But, right now? In this moment? When honestly all I want to wear are my favorite yoga pants and a baggy tee shirt and how can I expect her to want to get ready if I don't?

I think it is time to start laying down some laws about dressing around here. That includes for my own self. Thankfully summer might make it easier since I can just make sure she puts on a dress. But then I'll have to deal with the changing of the dress into 325 other dresses for the day....

Oh motherhood. You exhaust me.

But, Lauren, I love you. And we will figure this out.


  1. I have this to look forward to with Kate! haha! :)

  2. Jen, don't worry, your mommy figured it all out and you will too!!! After all, you turned out ok!! Just wait until she is a teenager, then you'll Pray for the jammy days!!!! ( Or a large closet for her!!! ) YOU'RE A GREAT MOMMY!!! Yep that's a biased opinion and I'm PROUD of it!!!!