Monday, August 09, 2010


...was not my most shining moment as a mother. This whole potty training thing is a nightmare.

It was hard. I was short on patience.

Meltdowns were many. Successes on the potty were few.


Tomorrow... a brand new day. Potty training might still be a nightmare.

But, it is a day full of second chances and great possibilities for the little one and this mama.

The practicing of patience and gentleness. The praying for the chance to see the fruit.

I am so thankful for my parents who happened to be in Springfield today. They stopped by at just the right time and gave me a chance to get away for a bit and take a bath. A bath. Early in the evening. With the door closed. They even brought me the stress relief body wash and lotion from Bath and Body. It was amazing and JUST what I needed to be ready to take on tomorrow. Thanks for the positive love and support. It meant so much to this exhausted and d.o.n.e. mama today.


  1. Jen, my oldest was hard to potty training. I, too, didn't stress and waited until I thought she was ready. After trying M&Ms in a jar beside the potty and all kinds of tricks, I literally cleared 2 days of our schedule and made sure we had nowhere to go and no one to visit. I set a kitchen timer every hour from morning to night and each time we heard it 'ding', we went to the potty whether she felt like she needed to or not. Every hour. No lie - she was potty trained by the end of the day.

    I am a firm believer that every child is different and nothing works the same for both, but I will tell you I did the exact same for my youngest and it worked like a charm. By the way, we never needed the 2nd day!

  2. Jen, I had a friend whose little girl was very hard to potty trian. SHe waited a long time to start to train her just because she never really showed signs of being ready. She heard about a method where you just put them in underwear (no pull ups) for 7 days day and night and by the 7 days, she was totally potty trained!