Monday, August 09, 2010

Ewwweee Diaper

Potty training. The words make me sick to my stomach. The plan was to wait until Lauren was completely ready. I didn't want to be training her for months. I figured if she was ready, she'd have a better chance of actually being successful.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of this, "ewwweee diaper, ewwweee diaper, ewwweee diaper" while she frantically runs and screams and begs me to change her diaper. Every time or most every time that she pees (don't even get me started on the panic when she poops) I hear this. So, I thought maybe she is really ready to do this thing. If she doesn't like to be wet, surely she will be okay going potty. 
Well, it's been a crazy couple of days. We are nowhere near potty trained and I feel so unqualified for this job! She will go pee on the potty but is scared to poop. She has had very few accidents, but is constantly thinking she needs to go so I am constantly running to the potty with her. It's a little bit exhausting! 

 I would so love your thoughts on this. Any successes or failures that might help me? She really hates to be in her diaper so I think she is ready, but I don't want to push her.


  1. Well, she certainly sounds ready! And, of course, she looks absolutely adorable!!

  2. I think she is showing all of the signs of being ready too. That is awesome! I also remember my kids being scared to go poop in the potty as well! Just another fun adventure to go on!