Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Easy Lunch

I haven't been feeling all that great this week and it has led to an (embarrassing to admit) much lazier mama. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and it has really knocked me out. Today I finally started feeling better and a little more like myself so I decided that I would do a very simple but special lunch for Lauren. We are STILL working on our "L" week so I decided to make her a few L sandwiches, some grapes on toothpicks, and yogurt. You can tell this is not the cutest or most amazing lunch, but honestly she loved it. It reminded me again how important the little things are. And, that my daughter is not looking for perfection in her lunches, but a little bit of fun goes a long way. We had so much fun talking about the letter L and she really enjoyed eating the bread, cheese, and turkey L's by themselves. We laughed so hard as she would turn the L pieces and I would say "no" or "yes" in funny voices until she got them in the correct L form. Yes, there are a ton of adorable lunches out there and some days I might attempt to make them, but it really is the little things that count with our little ones. It was such a good reminder for me today that taking an extra five minutes can bring such joy to my little girl and myself!

Bread, turkey, & cheese sandwiches (using these cookie cutters)
Grapes on toothpicks
"Moo cow" yogurt (what Lauren calls it, ha)


  1. So true! The little things we do can seem like such big things to our little ones! I love those little sandwiches! You're such a good mama! Hope your feeling better!

  2. Feel better soon Jen!! Mandie is right. You are a good mommy! I love your lunches for are inspiring me to get more creative! Keep them coming :)