Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas at Meme and Papa's

We were originally going to head to Shawn's side of the family Christmas evening, but he got really sick and we decided to stay at home one more night so he could go to Urgent Care the next morning. After the diagnosis of a sinus infection and some medication in his system, we packed up and headed out the afternoon after Christmas.

We had so much fun opening presents together as a family. We are really blessed with such great parents and brothers!

Shawn got a sweet deer stand seat from his brother. I think he looks so silly in it, but apparently it is all the rage! Ha!!!

Okay, forgive the weird face (ha!) but Shawn's brother got me a WonderFile. Yep, like the ones they show on TV that fold up and store easily and all that jazz! I was so excited!!! I know it will be PERFECT for my coupon organizing!!! 

Lauren got the cutest little hair kit that she absolutely loved! The hairdryer made noise and blew a tiny bit of air out too. It was really neat!!!

I love that Shawn let her fix his hair!!!

Lauren loves her Aunt Allie. She cuddled right up next to her!

Lauren got Opie a little doggie present and she helped him open it. They were little tennis balls that she likes to throw and have him run get. 

Present overload!

For Christmas this year we made special calendars for all the grandparents. Each month had a different picture made out of her hand and/or foot prints. It turned out precious, but it was a lot of work to do. I have a blog post coming soon on what the inside of them looked like! When Bev opened hers she started crying and then the whole room was crying. It was so precious!!!

 Shawn's brother Scott always writes us all a letter every Christmas. He attaches it to our gift and they are so funny and so Scott that we all take turns reading them and laughing hysterically! Shawn's dad loves it!!!

We had such a great time with Shawn's family. It was a very merry Christmas!!!

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