Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas at My Grandparents

Sunday we had our last Christmas extravaganza and we got together with my grandparents. We always get together and eat a HUGE breakfast, then open up presents, play games, relax, and then eat a late lunch together. It's always a lot of fun and I always end up eating way too much!!!

Check out this ornament that hangs on my meme and papa's tree. I made it when I was in kindergarten! It makes me sooooo happy to see it hanging on the tree every year.

All the cooks getting breakfast ready. 

Our breakfast spread....pancakes, country ham, sausage, apple cinnamon and blueberry topping (SO delish) for the pancakes.

Lauren loves her meme just as much as I do! I love this picture!

Zach and Victoria with meme and papa's dog, Missy. 

Shawn was checking out the you see that picture of Lauren from her first Christmas? Oh dear, how time changes things. 

Meme set up a little coloring station for Lauren. It was really cute!

The only picture I have of Lauren and me. It's blurry, but I had to use it. 

Meme and Papa got Lauren two little water baby dolls. Meme made diapers and bedding for each of them and it is just precious! Lauren is such a good baby mommy!

My Uncle Darell and Aunt Julie got Lauren the Cinderella princess doll and matching dress. Although I would love to say Lauren loved the dress and wore it all night, in all actuality she threw the hugest fit and refused to try it on saying it was, "owie!!!" What in the world? If they had one in my size I would totally still wear it today. ;)

Meme had the tiniest little tea set that Lauren LOVED. She put M & M's in the little cups and served everyone. 

We played Yatzee with Papa and even though I scored the lowest I've ever scored on the first game, I scored 2 yatzee's on the second round, winning by a landslide!!!

This picture cracks me up. Because we spent the whole day there, Lauren didn't get a nap. Around 4ish she was exhausted so Nammy held her and she fell right to sleep. It reminds me of when she was a little baby and we could just rock her and she'd fall asleep anywhere. 

We had such a great time and I love spending time with my family.

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