Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I got so many wonderful gifts this year for Christmas and I just wanted to take a minute to go through some of my favorite ones!

My parents got Shawn and I new dishes! Most of the dishes we got for our wedding are now cracked or long gone due to fatal drops on tile. My mom has Fiesta dishes and owns like every color they make, which I love because you can mix and match to make the most fun place settings! We decided to go with 4 colors right now and double up on them. Some of them are in the dishwasher in this pic, but I think you'll get the idea!

I got the Wonderfile! Ha!!! Have you seen the commercials on TV for it? It folds all out and has a ton of compartments and such. I plan on using it to help me with my coupon organization!!! Hopefully, I will have a post coming soon on what the inside looks like! 

I can't tell you how excited I am about these books! My mother-in-law always stocks me up on books because she knows how much I love to read! I still catch my breath when I realize that I am a mommy to a little girl and a little boy! I can't wait to get into these books!!! I need all the help I can get, ha!

I can't wait to share my word for 2011 and my goals (post coming soon!), but Beth Moore's book, Believing God, has much to do with my plans for the new year. I was so excited to get my own copy. I know it won't disappoint. 

In Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this year we are studying Isaiah. It is quite the book and not the easiest read, although I have learned SO much from it already. I don't use The Message for my primary study Bible, but I thought it would be awesome to have it as an extra reference and read. Hopefully it will help some of the passages make a little more sense?!!?!

Here is the earring holder Shawn made!!! I love it and now I have the perfect excuse to get more earrings....I have space. =) 

Right below the earring holder, he hung two necklace holders he made. I love my new organized jewelry station! It really does make me so happy!!!

My soon-to-be sister in law has carried around a Vera Bradley overnight bag since I've known her. I've always wanted one but didn't want to spend the money! Well, with a hospital stay in the somewhat near future, I was so excited to get my very own from my parents!!! I love it! 

Oh, and I couldn't forget these sparkly babies. I love my red Toms and these black sparkly ones have already gotten tons of wear! They are super comfortable and even though Shawn says they look like elf shoes, I love them!!!

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