Monday, January 03, 2011

A Christmas Gift

See that cute couple? That is my brother Zach, and his adorable fiance, Victoria. Yep! I said FIANCE!!! Christmas Eve, while opening presents with our family, my brother popped the question!!!

I don't have pictures of the first part because I was too busy crying and smiling and enjoying my front row seat, but Shawn got it on video! Zach had me wrap an empty box for Victoria to open. We weren't sure when she would pick out his gift, but she didn't keep us waiting too long. :) I know he was as nervous as could be but he held himself together really well waiting for her to pick his gift. When she opened it, she realized there wasn't anything inside and Zach accused me of not including the gift in the box. I played it off that I thought I was just supposed to wrap it. Anyway, Victoria thought the whole time that Zach had gotten her a Groupon for dance lessons, hah! So, he came back in the room with a piece of computer paper he had typed a little note on and then he had her stand up. He got down on one knee and asked her!!! She immediately said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and then dropped down to sit on his knee. I don't think she even saw the ring. It was the cutest thing ever. She sat on his knee for a long time because I think she was just in such shock! It was really neat because her mom was able to be there with us for Christmas Eve and experience this awesome moment!!!

These two are seriously the cutest and I can't wait to see what plans are made for the wedding!!!

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