Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Easton's Sprinkle

This morning my sweet friend Mandie hosted a playdate sprinkle for our littlest love, Easton. So much work was put into this darling little party from her and the other ladies there. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends who wanted to share in our joy and anticipation of little Easton!!! I wish I had words to describe just how blessed I feel. Thank you girls! You are seriously the best!!!

Take a look at the darling cakes my friend Desire' made just for the party! Are those not the cutest things you have ever seen? I could not get enough of them!!! I love that Mandie decorated with the colors of Easton's room and Desire' made the cake in those colors as well!!! I wish I could describe how delicious they were. She made chocolate and vanilla cake and you better believe this mama had both! She also sent us home with the whole block "B" cake so I have big plans on munching on that later!!! Thanks, Desire' I know that with two kids decorating cakes isn't the easiest. What a sweet and special surprise!

Mandie had a special spot set up just for me to sit and be comfortable throughout the shower. It was just precious! There were yummy candles and a little bucket filled with lotion and a back massager. The kids were too cute coming up and using it to give me a back rub!  

Mandie also had a very special drink prepared for me. If you have read this blog at all while I've been pregnant, you'll know that I have had major cravings for lime slushes! Particularly the homemade ones my Papa Bob always made me as a child. Mandie found the recipe I use and made one just for me!!! I didn't get a picture of the cup but it said, "Papa Bob's Lime Slush" and it made me so happy. It was honestly better than the ones I made myself. Too bad I don't have her making them for me every night! Ha! Thanks, Mandie...that was SO special!

Mandie made me a rice bag and warmed it up so I could sit with it. It was so cute!!! I'm sure I'll be using it a lot in the months to come!

 Leslie, Desire', and her littlest Silas. Leslie made an amazing banana bread that was cooked just right!

The Big Sister and me. She was too cute during the little party. Mandie did a great job making it very special for her too. 

She had a special book for Lauren about being a big sister and the cutest little box for her. She filled a shoe box with neat little activities and snacks for Lauren to use when I am nursing baby brother. What a great idea!!! Mandie has two little ones so she is helping me prepare for the things I won't be used to! Lauren LOVES her box and her big sister book and I thought it was just the most special thing to include her in the party.

Mandie had games for us to play with the kiddos. She made little picture BINGO cards and we played BINGO with the kids. They all loved it! I was super impressed that they were all so willing to sit and place the blocks on the matching picture Mandie held up. Lauren won BINGO and it was so sweet to hear her call it out! Mandie had sweet little gifts for me after each of the games and the kids got to hand them to me. They were all so cute and helped me open the present.

We played pin the baby on mommy!!! Except the kids didn't pin them on me (thank goodness!) they just taped them!!! They were all a little nervous at first but it didn't take long before they caught on and I had a belly full of babies! Praise the Lord we are only expecting one! Ha!!!

Mandie made this little taggy blanket! WOW!!! It is sooo soft and I can't wait to share it with Easton.

Another really cute game they played was match the sock. I was impressed with how well the kids matched their sock to the one in the pile. Great idea!!!

This picture isn't very clear, but I thought it was hilarious. They played a game where they had to run a diaper from one bin to another at the other end of the living room. I caught this picture as Lauren was returning after successfully dropping off her diaper!

Yummy food! 

My big girl eating her yummy food. She was seriously so good and I am just so blessed to be her mommy!

Carissa and me!  We became really close when we were pregnant with our little girls. I am so thankful for her. She has challenged me and encouraged me in so many ways throughout the past two years.

Mandie and me! How can I say enough about this girl? She is so creative and loving. She has challenged me to be a more purposeful mama, wife, and friend. So thankful for her!!!

A few pictures of presents. Oh dear! Boy stuff is SO cute. I know everybody says it isn't as fun as girl stuff (and I might feel that way in a year or so) but I just LOVE the little man-ness of it all!  Leslie got Easton the sweetest little clothes.

I love this diaper bag!!! Isn't it super cute and boyish, but also a little girly  for this mama?!?! LOVE IT!!! Desire' got this one for us!!!

 My friend, Kelly, made Easton a super soft and very boyish fleece blanket! It will be so soft and warm for him.

I don't know how I didn't get pictures but Carissa got us the sweetest little boy shoes, a must have swaddle blanket, sippy cup, and diapers!!! Mandie made us the most adorable little tie onesie, blocks that spell Easton's name, hand-made burp cloths, diapers, and a sweet book that makes me cry every time I read it! I'm going to take pictures of the things she made and do a special post about them!

Kelly and me. We've been friends forever it seems and I am just so thankful for her! She is so easy to be myself around and I have learned so much from her over the years!

Leslie and me. We also became close after being pregnant and having our first loves right around the same time. She keeps me laughing and we have so much in common it is a little scary! Love her!

Desire' and me. We became friends through our hubbies and I have never been more thankful that Shawn has good taste in friends! Ha! This girl inspires me in so many ways and I feel so blessed to be her friend. 

I feel so overwhelmed with thankfulness to these girls tonight. When I decided that I was going to stay home I had no idea who I would be friends with. Most of my friends worked and I was a little afraid I would be entering this new stage of life all alone. God had such sweetness in store for me that I am just in awe. I love each of these girls so much. Each one of them has impacted my life in a bright and positive way. I've been inspired, challenged, encouraged, uplifted, supported, and loved by them. God is so good!

Mandie had some balloons for the kids to play with before the party was over. It was a great way for them to get some of their energy out after eating cake!

The little sign by the front door. What a cute idea!!! I'm telling you, Mandie was SO thoughtful!!!

One of the most touching aspects (THERE WERE SO MANY) of this shower was when Mandie gave each of the girls there a little tea light candle (which I am so sad I didn't get a picture of) that said, Jen's Prayer Candle on it. She said that when I go into labor I need to call one of them and they will light their candles and pray in shifts for me. How amazingly sweet was that? Again, I am so blessed to have such wonderful and godly friends.

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  1. So glad we got to celebrate your little one with you! I had such a good time with you and Big Sister Lauren!