Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happy birthday, little one

Dear Lauren,

Today is your first birthday. Today you will round the corner from infanthood into whatever stage is next (toddlerhood?!). Today you will be the same, yet so different in your mother's eyes. I am sure our day will be filled with the normal things - cheese and grapes for snack, ice water in your sippy cup, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, naps with your soft pink blankie, and lots of open mouth kisses! But, while you are moving on, growing, changing before my eyes - I will be memorizing every moment. If I stop and smell your sweet hair for longer than you'd like, dance you around the room and sing a silly song, or hug you tighter than ever please cut me some slack - I'm preparing my heart for the change that is inevitable...I'm preparing to let you grow up.

On this day, I will let my heart settle on the events of the past year. I will reminisce. I may cry. We've come a long way from our first day home from the hospital. We've learned so much along the way. You and I have a bond, dear baby. A bond that I hope will stay strong through the years.

Sweet Lauren, today on your birthday I pray especially for you. I pray that you would grow up to love Jesus with all of your heart. I pray that you will be kind and compassionate. I pray that you will grow and be healthy. I pray that you will offer that sweet smile of yours to anyone who needs a pick me up. I pray that you will have a heart for people and for the Lord. I pray that you and I would always be best friends. I pray that you would let the Lord direct your paths and that I would be open to wherever He calls you.

Lolo, I love you. I love you with a love that can only be experienced between a mother and a child. I love you with my whole being. Thank you for changing my world. I couldn't imagine a better place to be!

Love always,


  1. You totally just made me cry.

  2. Jen,
    You are such a wonderful, loving, amazing mommy! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Okay, you made me tear up a little... Enjoy this day. You are a GREAT momma!

  4. Beautifully written! You're the kind of Mom I've always wanted to be.