Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Branson bound

Today, my friend Kelly and I are heading to Branson to get a little Christmas shopping done. We are hoping that by going during the day and in the middle (sort of) of the week, we will bypass all the crazies that flock to the superstar capital of the world. Ha.

I am really excited for some girlfriend time and the chance to get away for a little bit. Let me just say that it is much needed! I have most of my shopping done (yay!) but there are still a few little things I'd like to find and I am hoping that between the racks of Gap and the aisles of Target I can find them!

P.S. Last night at the Walmart I picked up a pair of Hanes $5 heather gray sweatpants because I am oh so stylin like that and I have since decided that I would like a pair in every color. :) Honestly, people, you know you are getting QUALITY when the pants you buy are rolled up and secured with a paper wrapping. I haven't washed them yet so I am waiting to make sure they don't shrink up all weird, but if they don't you may never see me in jeans again. Kidding....sort of. I mean, you should have seen the color possibilities (pink, green, black, blue, dark gray, white...) and they are really quite comfortable! ;) Please don't plot the intervention until you've tried them!


  1. Hope you had fun!!

    Thanks for the button info!!! :)

  2. I really, really wish you had not told me about those ugly sweatpants. Cause I might just be headed there tonight.