Saturday, December 12, 2009

germs and blessings

This past week has in some ways seemed like the longest week ever and in others felt like a blur. Lauren got sick Tuesday, I got sick Thursday, Shawn got sick Thursday night, and today we are all just trying to recuperate. Will we ever be back to 100%? It sure doesn't feel like it.

I feel like I've been out of touch with reality and been hanging out with germs. Today is the first day I have felt up to really cleaning. And, let me tell you there is cleaning to be done. I have bathrooms to clean, sheets and clothing to clean, dishes to clean, and a living room that looks like a tornado hit it. I guess this is what sickness looks like. Sickness that comes in and decides to take away any piece of sanity, energy, or brain function a mom has. Oh, and sickness also looks like this:

Sickness smells like...Oh, sorry. Too much? Alright, we'll just leave it at that.

I have to tell you that I had the sweetest thing ever happen to me today. So, I am in the kitchen trying to get some dishes done and the doorbell rings. I automatically call "Not It" because, well, I am in my pajamas and I haven't showered in....a while. So, Shawn answers the door and I hear my sweet friend Mandie's voice. I was so embarrassed because my house, my daughter, and myself looked like messes, but then I saw what she had done and I was just overcome. Mandie brought us a "get-well" food bag. There was Progresso chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, bananas, and chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, how thoughtful was that? I felt bad because I sort of thanked her and rushed her out of our house, but all I could think about were the germs that were attacking her body!!! :) I really need to clean this house top to bottom after what we've had. Anyway, as I stood there after she left, I thought - wow - that was the most thoughtful thing ever. She said she didn't call me beforehand so that I wouldn't freak out and try to clean up. Let me just tell you that she must really love me if she was willing to look past my outfit and house. :) That girl blessed me and my family in a big way today.

I have several friends (and more I haven't blogged about), Mandie included, who are just the type of person to go above and beyond for a friend in need. Those friends who see a need and give of themselves so selflessly and freely. Those friends who leave lasting impressions on your heart and make you feel all soft inside when you think about them. Those are the friendships that I cling to. Those are the friends I want to emulate and learn from. Those are the kinds of people who make differences in other people's lives. I want to be more like that.

I am so thankful for Mandie's willingness to drive all the way over here and bless our sick family like that. I am so thankful for her thoughtfulness in the midst of a crazy, busy season. I am so thankful for the way that she continually blesses my life. Honestly, I am better for her friendship. How can you repay someone for that?

Mandie, thank you for reminding me once again what this season is truly about ~ love and sacrifice. I am so thankful for our friendship and the way it has grown so vastly in the last year. You are a beautiful person and I feel absolutely honored to be your friend.


  1. You do realize that you have friends like that because you are that type of friend :)!Love you!!

  2. I agree with Cara. We are SO BLESSED to have you in our lives. I hope you're all getting back to feeling normal.

  3. Jen,

    Wow, you are so welcome! I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful friend in you. You have been such a support to me on my new stay at home mom journey and I am just so glad God placed you in my life! Love ya!

  4. Yes, you are amazing. So loveable! Glad you're feeling better!