Monday, December 07, 2009

i think we have a little bob ross on our hands....oh the happy trees

Water painting is the bomb. Seriously - the. bomb.

This was great practice for Lauren in strengthening her fine motor skills and, more importantly, she had fun doing it!

All I did was give her a little water in a small, plastic, craft cup and a paintbrush. I used a purple piece of construction paper and let her go after it. I wasn't entirely sure what she would do, but she automatically dipped the paint brush in the water and touched it to the paper. As soon as she figured out that it changed colors, she went to town!

I love this picture because it looks like she is truly contemplating her masterpiece!

Dipping the paintbrush...

Cheesy smile....

By the end she had pretty much covered the entire piece of paper with water. We only had a few cup spills so all in all I think this activity was a success. Not to mention that the clean up was a breeze!


  1. Oh my gosh! She's such a great painter, and I so watched Bob Ross on PBS! I remember the happy trees!!

  2. What a cutie pie! I can't believe how big she is!!

  3. You're so creative - and a wonderful mother.

  4. What a cutie! Great idea! Nice and clean! Hope Lauren gets to feeling better.