Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st easter pictures

These pictures are so special to me because my grandpa suffered from a stroke in early December. Since his stroke this was the first time he wanted to hold Lauren. He would always talk to her and smile at her but he never wanted to hold her. I think he was just afraid and unsure about whether he could do it. Imagine my surprise when we walked into my grandparent's house on Easter Sunday and he held out his arms to hold her. She went right to him and my eyes stung as I watched the two of them interact.

Here she is in her dress. Shawn actually picked this dress out before she was born. I know it is black and Easter is usually more pastelly...but I thought she looked perfect.

This is a better picture of her dress, but as you can see she was NOT happy!


  1. She looks baby sophisticated in her beautiful dress. Thanks for the pics. I love it. There's just something wonderful about Papas holding our babies. Isn't it wonderful?

  2. She is the most precious little girl! I think her dress is perfect to. It doesn't always have to be pastel!

  3. What a pretty, little princess! Daddy did a wonderful job picking out the dress!