Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Randomness For You

Is it fall yet? Oh my goodness I am sooooooo ready. We've had the windows open in our home for the past few days (partly due to it being a smidgen cooler and a bigger part due to our last electric bill, ugh) and I just keep wishing we could go ahead and bring out the pumpkins and cardigans and my denim jacket for crying out loud. Shawn says that thing is my safety blanket. He even asked me if denim jackets were still in style. What? They will always be in style for this girl. I'll be the 80 year old with the denim jacket over her polyester suit. They go with stinking everything....well except for jeans. I draw the line at paring denim and denim.

I had to run to Target the other day (of course I could have chosen Wal Mart, but umm, no thank you very much) and although I just needed toilet paper I moseyed on over and through the clothing section and goodness gracious they had their fall clothing out! I fell madly, deeply in love with this beauty. And no, Leslie, I'm not joking. ;) I am in LOVE with this little lightweight rain jacket. It has a hood, it's a teeny bit longer in the back, and it is floral people! Unfortunately I didn't fork over the cash to purchase it but I'm hopeful that she will be mine one day. So hard to walk away from those you love, right?

In other news, I tried to shoot a bow the other day. I'm not strong enough for Shawn's. :( So, I might try my hand with a gun this fall. Look out y'all!

My car has been an absolute disaster for a while now. Like, you couldn't begin to even see the floor below the kids' seats. Dis-gus-ting. So, last Sunday I finally worked my tushy off and cleaned it out. It was gross. I'm vowing to never let it get that bad again. We shall see. Anyway, I decided to finally make one of those cute baby-wipe containers turned first-aid kit/whatever other necessary items you might need. I got all fancy and used my glue gun to stick that fabric on. Impressive, I know.

Then, I just filled her up with all the "necessities" for our little family. A few extra diapers, bandaids and antiseptic spray, tissues, ibuprofen, diaper cream, Chapstick, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer. It makes me feel so much more prepared! I still need to add some gum (definitely a necessity) and a binky for the dude (in case we *gasp* forget to leave home with one and he is fussy!)

Random, right? You're welcome!

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