Saturday, August 04, 2012

Our First Official Family Movie Night!

Even before I had kids I dreamed of creating fun and memorable memories with my family. Life has been an absolute crazy train the last year and just the other day I looked at my kids and realized the obvious. They are growing up. Thank goodness I still have some years at home with them before they do something crazy and go all out in the real world, but still.

Sometimes, ahem, okay, I always have big ideas and plans and dreams but I rarely have the follow through. It's become an increasing frustration with myself over the past few months but something I believe can be changed. :) So, in that spirit, I decided to quit pinning ideas and just do something.

Enter our first official weekly family movie night!

I was originally going to show Toy Story, but Lauren just got a new Tinkerbell movie and hadn't watched it yet so I figured we would start with it!

I'd planned on making homemade pizza using this recipe and it turned out amazing. We did finally get a pizza stone so I think that it helped, but seriously - that crust was amazing. I made the kids a pepperoni and cheese pizza while Shawn and I ate this beauty...

Tomato Basil Pesto Pizza

After dinner we did baths and jammies early. Of course Lauren had to get her Tinkerbell doll and wear her matching jammie dress.

Earlier in the day the kids helped me make cupcakes and while they napped I decorated them. I just did a simple green icing with purple sparkles, very Tinkerbell-ish. They were a huge hit with both Lauren and Easton!!!

Here is a super fuzzy picture of my little family. :) They were so cute all ready for the movie to start. Even Easton was pretty engaged and excited. 

We popped popcorn and enjoyed our little family evening together. Shawn and I had a no cell phone or computer rule (although I did break it to grab these pictures on my phone) and Lauren absolutely loved the cuddle time and complete undivided attention. This is definitely a tradition we look forward to continue! (Side note....I love this picture of my babies)

He is a popcorn lover just like his mama. :) It made me way too happy to see how much that little guy put down! 

We can't wait for our next Family Movie Night!!! We are hoping to see The Lorax!!!

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