Monday, August 27, 2012

A Fun Day

Today we had the privilage of watching Ryan while his mama and daddy found out whether they were having a little BOY or GIRL! We had such a great day and are all thoroughly worn out! I thought I'd share some of our highlights.

1. Feeding and hanging out with the fishies!

2. Running, running, running. Even Easton did his best to keep up with the princess and the dinosaur. ;)

3. Playing a little kickball.

4. Swinging in the shade.



5. Picking acorns.

6. Baking muffins.

7. Building a fort.....

...and figuring out it was a cozy place for some good reads. 

We had so much fun and would do it again any day! As I loaded up my THREE kids for the day to head back to Tanner and Kelly's for the big gender reveal party I couldn't help but smile at the sweet cuties all piled in my car.

Apparently I am a great driver because when we arrived at our destination....they were both O.U.T. :)

Beautiful day full of laughter and tickles and books read and snacks. I certainly felt blessed. :)

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  1. You rock! Thanks a million for not only taking care of Ryan, but for giving him such a fun, memorable day! He had a blast!