Monday, August 20, 2012

Eli Young Band!

Last Sunday my sweet hubby surprised me with tickets to see the Eli Young Band in concert. I've loved them ever since my middle brother introduced me to their music and when I heard they were coming to town I was SO excited!!! I spent the days leading up to the concert listening to them on Pandora and dancing around the house.

When Friday finally rolled around we were both R to the eady to have a date night! We are so blessed to have parents who love spending time with our kiddos. Shawn's mom drove down (2 hours!) to watch our babies and spend the night so we didn't have to worry about getting back early! Thank you, Bev!!!

This picture reminds me of us when we were dating. Of course back then we didn't own the family car or the two Britax carseats in the back. ;)

Yes, I'm a total goober but we went to Chipotle to eat (YUMMY) and I couldn't believe how humongous my burrito was. I'm not going to say how much of it I ate. ;) 

The concert was in the parking lot of PFI Western store which is right next door to Shawn's office. We decided to hang out there for a bit instead of waiting in the huge line before doors opened. I'm pretty proud of that man and I had the chance to look at some of the projects he was working on....phew. Way over my head. WAY!

We got there in time to get AWESOME seats. We even snagged up an extra two for our friends Kasey and Jeremy who were meeting us there a little bit later.

I was so excited to hang out with Kasey. She loves the Eli Young Band as much as I do and we even ended up getting the same tee-shirts there. :) Yay for sweet friends!!!!!

I know this picture is poor quality (I was singing and jumping up and down and dancing, hehe) but look how close we were!!!! The only down side was the couple in front of us who just needed to get a room already. It was totally awkward and gross. 

They sang my favorite song ever, "Guinevere" and I might have screamed and clapped my hands together really loudly when I heard those first few notes.

We had such a great time with awesome friends. Can't wait to do it again!!!!

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  1. How fun!! Jen, you look beautiful and I love your hair!!!