Monday, August 20, 2012

Small Town - Big Impact

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to head to my hometown. The church I grew up in was having their annual women's conference and my mom had asked me to teach one of their breakout sessions. Before you think I was teaching on something uber spiritual let me tell you the name of my class.....Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs. Haha!

My sweet mama took me to get a pedicure on Friday afternoon so my toes would be purple...the main color for the conference! :) Honestly, it was such an awesome time with her. Usually I have to share her with my kiddos :) but for that hour or so I had her all to myself. It was wonderful.

I drove by myself to H*Ville and it was an awesome morning. I had my music blaring and didn't have to do anything but drive.

I took this pic as I pulled into my hometown. There is the one lone blinking red light. It always feels so good to roll into town. It's so familiar and welcoming.

As soon as I got there I had to recruit several guys to help me carry in all the bath salts and huge jugs of oil. I was so thankful to see my daddy there and to have his help! The men of the church went above and beyond on Saturday. They helped the ladies set up their rooms, served breakfast to the almost 400 women in attendance, prepared tables for lunch, served lunch, cleaned up, refilled drinks, and literally did not sit down the whole day. It was such an amazing example to me of the church working together and ministering to others.

Here is my room set up. I had almost 30 women in my class. My sweet friend Kelly was supposed to come and be my sidekick, but the poor thing got the stomach flu a few days before and was s-i-c-k! Thankfully, my other mama Bernice stepped in to help me. And, help me she did. That girl worked! :) I absolutely LOVE her.

Let me just tell you how special it was to be a part of this conference. The time and attention to detail the ladies in charge put into this thing were amazing. I cried a bunch and got to see both of my darling grandmothers. It really was the absolute perfect day.

There is my cute mama. She worked her little tail off making sure everything was perfect for all the ladies in attendance. I adore her servant heart and I know so many others are blessed by her as well.

I can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What an incredible thing!! I would have loved going to your session! ;)