Monday, August 06, 2012

A Little Picnic & Kickball

Shawn's work does an awesome family get together each year. One year we did Silver Dollar City at Christmas (fabulous!) and a couple of years we went swimming at a huge local pool (had it all to ourselves!) This year they reserved a local park and we had a picnic and kickball tournament.

The kids absolutely LOVED it. First of all, there were several different areas of play equipment for them. Easton was my little fearless one and went down every single slide by himself. And, I was so proud of my shy little Lauren as she talked to the other kids, gave several adults high fives, and got right in line with her daddy to number off for the kickball teams. It was just too much!

Here are Lauren and her friend Nate waiting in the kickball line. They are just a few days apart in age so it has always been fun to get together with them!

Easton was all over everything about the day. The dirt? He loved it. The heat? Didn't bother him. You have water balloons? He'll take 7. He was quite the little trooper.

I was cracking up because we had a pre-game rules talk. It was awesome and so up my alley!

My man and my babies taking the outfield. You didn't want to mess with right field. We had it covered.

Lauren played HARD. So hard that when we got home later that evening she had little blisters on her big toes. Poor thing!

Easton? Well, Easton played in the dirt. A lot. His toes may never be the same.

We had our game faces on! I love that Shawn is so alert and ready and that Lauren was giving that don't mess with me look!

My absolute favorite part of the game was watching all the little kids get their chance to kick. I could not have been more proud of Lauren as she went right up to kick!

She was ready and kicked her little heart out. I was cheering her on as she ran the bases with Shawn right beside her. It was perfect!!!

They were so cute taking a little breather between kicks. :)

Thank goodness for some Capri Sun rehydration!!!


The water fountain was a pretty big hit too. It was crazy hot after all!

Oh, and see that gold cup? Yep - our team won and we teased over and over that Easton was learning to enjoy the sweet taste of victory. :)

We had so much fun and even though it was hot and very HOT we enjoyed getting out and playing together!!! Here's to next year!

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