Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Spirit

So, we have these friends. These friends are great pranksters. Back before we had kiddos, we used to mess with each others houses quite a bit. For a while we had this broken angel/cherubim yard ornament thing that we would pass back and forth between our houses. Then came Tree Beard which the boys named after some character from The Lord of the Rings (which I have never seen, shocker I know). One year they dumped approximately four thousand plastic Easter eggs on our front lawn. It was awesome.

Well, with us both having kids and life and all the excuses it had been a long time since we'd pranked them. That all changed Wednesday night.

We even had an additional partner in crime this time. Have you ever seen one cuter? I didn't think so. =)

Shawn hung Tree Beard from a noose in front of their garage door. It was absolutely awesome. The spider webs were a booger to hang and the giant spider freaked both me and Lauren out! The chalk drawing was my idea and I think it really pulled the whole mess together. Don't you?

Those poor unsuspecting friends of ours came home to the best Halloween decor ever and the inability to get into their garage or front door! Hahah!!! The best part, they are still our friends. LOVE THAT!!!


  1. Man, they sure sound like good friends and creative pranksters, too!