Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday School

After a busy couple of weeks and a very fun birthday party yesterday, we were excited to get back into the routine of things and get to church.

Shawn and I both look tired, but Lauren looks ready to go! She wore a new dress that Nammy and Papa got her for her birthday and she looked absolutely adorable in it.

She loves to brush her teeth and she really does a good job of it. She brushes back and forth and up and down and it just cracks us up.

Today was a big day for Miss Lauren at church. Because she turned two last week she was moved into the toddler class. She was not excited and cried and held on tight to me. It was so sad. The nice lady took her to the classroom and Shawn and I waited for a second before going to look in the classroom window. I'm not going to lie...I totally cried. Right there in the middle of the church hallway, and then again in our Sunday School class. The kids were all sitting around a little table with a craft to work on and it just hit me that she is growing up. How is it possible that I have a little girl in the toddler class?

When we got home and she changed into some lounging clothes I took a few pictures of her with her very first Sunday School craft. To me, it feels like such a momentous occasion. I know that there will be a day when I complain about the amount of paperwork that this sweet little girl brings home, but today I am cherishing her very first piece ever. She was so proud. So am I. 

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  1. I totally get it!!! You're glad she's growing happy and healthy, but you know this time you'll never have back and it's sad....