Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lazy sunday

Sunday, after church we went to eat at Arris' Pizza. It is our #1 favorite place to go on a Sunday. They have the.best.pizza.ever and it is buffet on Sunday so we can totally PIG OUT. That's how we like to roll. Lauren always picks out a sucker when we leave. It takes her a while to finish one...

She even has a tendency to get distracted...

After a nice long nap for Lauren, we got ready and headed to Lowe's. Lauren and I got Shawn an outside broom for Father's Day, but didn't actually pick out which one. He's pretty picky about his tools so we knew he should do the looking and pick the one he liked best. I know Father's Day was forever ago, but we haven't been home on a weekend since then it seems like so we made the most of our time and did the shopping.

Do you see the little white teddy in her cart? She has the brown one that I got for Shawn when I found out I was pregnant, but this one she got as a gift. Her name for it? "More Teddy." No joke, that is what she calls this teddy bear.

After a riveting shopping experience we headed back home before the storm came. We made it just in time! Lauren has recently learned how to operate a squeeze bottle so I filled one full of water and put her to work!

This picture cracks me up because they were both enthralled by the massive amount of rain we were receiving. The thunder and lightening were crazy. Crazy.

It seems like with all the running and going and doing we've been up to this summer, we haven't had as many days to just chill together. Sunday was extra special to me for that very reason.

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