Friday, July 23, 2010

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Lauren's Party?

Yesterday was Lauren's playdate birthday party! I had so much fun planning this birthday party. She has been in love with Elmo and Abby from Sesame Street the past couple of months, so the party theme was pretty easy to come up with. :)

I found the cutest invitations on Etsy by andersruff:
 Adorable, right?

Some pics of the setup:
Our chalkboard frame has really come in handy!

I sat up a coloring station for the kiddos by taping white paper to a chest in our living room!
The party favors included a personalized Elmo cd for each family to take home. Of course songs about the number 2 and the letter L were on there!
These Elmo guys hung out above the snack table!
The cupcake toppers and party favor tags were made by PrellyPartyPapers, another fabulous Etsy store! And the cupcakes...oh I made those, can you tell. ;)

Shawn helped me make the Lauren "Sesame Street" sign. I think it turned out pretty darn cute!!!

Lauren was in awe of the presents. She especially loved the Elmo and Abby bag. It was the first one she wanted to open!

The birthday girl herself.

The kids were adorable! Lauren and Miss Isabelle were the only girls! At least Bethany and I have our pick of wonderful little boys being raised by amazing Mamas!!!

See....a hit!

Opening presents was the cutest thing ever. All the kids gathered around to watch. Then they got closer. And closer. And closer! Ha! It was really cute and nobody could blame them! We're talking presents people. Never been opened or played with presents. All wrapped up. In shiny packaging.

Once all the presents were was time to bust them out!!!
This picture cracks me up!

The youngest party-goer...Silas and his beautiful mama Desire! He was the best baby ever. And look at that adorable little outfit. Almost makes me want one of my own. The outfit. ;)

Lauren enjoyed her cupcake on an Abby plate. She was very specific about which one she wanted! Love it.

Kelly and Ryan stayed after everyone left to help me clean up a bit! Thanks, Kelly!!!

And then Lauren sang me a song on her new microphone from Isabelle. Girl has talent. ;)