Wednesday, July 14, 2010

colors are way better with meme and papa

I've been working with Lauren on color recognition for a while now. We've taken it really easy and had a lot of fun with it. We've gone as far as having whole days devoted to a particular color and as easy and relaxed as naming colors of objects while we play together. She even has a Colors DVD that she absolutely loves.

She is really quite proficient at naming her colors nowadays and I just wanted to come up with some fun ways to solidify what she already knows before we head to shapes!

I have seen this idea on several of my favorite blogs, but I last saw it on Confessions of a Homeschooler. I absolutely adore her blog and she has SO many neat ideas for ways to have fun learning at home!

I bought these fun color posters a while back and I just put them out on the floor in a circle.

That just makes me so happy. I am so a teacher! =)

Then, I gave Lauren her favorite pointer and had her point to the color I called out.

To say that she loved this would be the understatement of the year. The girl was thrilled. So was her mama!

Then, I had her back up by the front door and run to the color I called out. She was so cute giggling and running to the color I called. I was so happy that she was getting in some physical activity AND reinforcing some color skills.

My grandparents stopped by the house for a little while after a doctor appointment and Lauren and I were so happy to see them. We always love it when they stop by. If you guys are reading this...stop by any chance you get! Anyway, Lauren wanted Meme to run with her! These pictures are priceless to me.

Running to a color that Papa called out. Oh the happy!

Here Lauren is explaining that you are supposed to stand ON the color and not behind it. It was hilarious because Meme was like, "Oh, okay!".

Then, she wanted to get out her counting bears. This is another educational toy she absolutely loves right now.
Of course, Papa had to come down and play with her as well.

What a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by and playing with us Meme and Papa!!!

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  1. Great ideas, Jen!! I also love that your cat is in the middle of the color posters.