Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Got Milk?

Last Friday, Lauren and I had the opportunity to attend the Dairy Farmers of America meeting with my dad and grandpa. My dad and grandpa own a dairy farm and have for years and years. I remember helping milk when I was younger. My brothers will say that I hardly ever helped, but I remember many times going before school or after school to help dad. He would always stop at the gas station and get us something fun to eat or drink before heading to my grandpa's farm.

To say that I respect my dad for what he does would be an understatement. I am truly proud of him. He has worked so hard throughout the years and the man knows his stuff. He serves on the executive board now and flies all over the country to attend meetings. He has never grown stagnant or bitter in a field that has its ups and downs. He makes decisions, seeks out opportunities to learn, and just does it. I admire him so very much.

Lauren loves her Papa so much. She was thrilled to spend some time with him and so was I! The meeting was in a conference center and I cracked myself up thinking that this was her first formal dinner and there she was with a sippy cup at her place. She was excited to get some milk and chose white over chocolate. In fact her words in reference to the chocolate milk were, "oh, ewey". I don't know how she is my daughter because I totally chose chocolate.

Don't you think this should be the next Got Milk? add? Me too!

My grandpa, dad, and Lauren.

I love these pictures of Lauren with my dad. This was such a special and precious time to spend with him. I loved seeing him in his element and he was so proud to show her off.

And, finally, no lunch could be complete without ice cream!!! I caught them both in mid-bite. Love it!


  1. Amelia is the same way with her white milk...crazy child!!! I am glad she didn't get my obsessive need for chocolate!!!

  2. So sweet! There's something so endearing about sharing things with our dads, isn't there?