Wednesday, July 28, 2010

birthday round 2

Saturday we had Lauren's family birthday party. We were excited to celebrate Sesame Street style again! Most of the decorations were the same...I did add this beauty:

And then there was the addition of the fabulous cakes my friend Lacy made. Fabulous. Simply Fabulous.

Lauren's expression when she saw the cakes was precious...I don't think my camera taking abilities did it justice.

I made a new coloring area for guests to write a little birthday wish to Miss Lauren. So precious and meaningful.

I tried to capture a picture of Lolo's Elmo shirt but she was crazy everywhere. This was the best I got and at the end of the evening she had managed to get a stain down the front that will.not.come.out.

Opening presents was so much fun. She got so many wonderful things! Thank you everyone!!!

One of the presents she got was an inflatable jumping apparatus. It seriously takes up our whole living room. Thanks, Uncle Scott and Aunt Allie! ;) Oh, and obviously she loves it!!!

At some point during the party, Lauren decided that both Nammy and Meme needed bows too. I love this picture! That little girl sure is lucky!

When it was time for cake, Lauren was ready to go!

She helped take the characters off of the big cake so we could cut it. I think she ate a few of the fondant balls as well.

Making a wish!

Lacy colored the insides of the cakes and it was a huge hit! Lauren's favorite color right now is purple, so her cake was perfect!

We are so blessed to have so many friends and family who love Lauren and wanted to spend their time celebrating her. I am grateful that she has such a strong family to grow up in and I know one day she will realize just how special that is.

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  1. Amazing cakes and decorations!! Looks like Lauren celebrated in style and with lots and lots of love!!