Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas morning...because I am a little behind

This year we spent Christmas morning at our house. When Lauren woke up, Shawn and I both rushed in to get her. We were way more excited than she was!

We let her open her stocking and we read the Nativity story from the neat storybook Bible her Uncle Scott got her for Christmas before heading off to make breakfast.

We made pancakes instead of a birthday cake for Jesus' birthday. Lauren loved blowing out the candles after we sang the Happy Birthday song.

This year Lauren was way more into opening her presents. She loved ripping the paper off but she did it in very small pieces and then handed them to me. I am not sure any paper ever really hit the floor. What a little clean freak I have! ;)

She loved the chair and we had a wonderful morning just hanging out as a family before we headed for Colorado.


  1. What a special tradition (birthday pancakes and singing)! I love looking at pictures of Lauren...she is so precious!