Wednesday, January 27, 2010

painting with elmo and felt fun

Yesterday Lauren and I decided to be brave and bust out the paints. We taped newspapers on the floor in the kitchen and made sure she had on painting clothes. I only got out the yellow, blue, and red paints because I figured any more than that would just be too much for both of us to handle! We had fun, but painting is definitely not a daily activity!

Finished product proudly displayed by her kitchen! Today when our parents as teacher lady came over, Lauren walked over and showed it to her. It was really cute!

Today I made this super easy and fast felt board for Lauren. I just purchased a foam poster board and 3/4 yard of white felt. I hot glued the felt onto the poster board, cut out several shapes out of colored felt sheets and viola!

I decided to hang it in the living room at her level. I probably won't keep it out all of the time. I'm trying to think of other things I could rotate out in that area.