Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet Confirmation

Yesterday I sent my awesome friend Tammy a text with this picture:

(Yes....those are BALL POINT PENS in an array of BEAUTIFUL COLORS that DO NOT BLEED THROUGH YOUR PAPER and make me OH SO HAPPY. And yes I texted the picture to her because we share a deep and uncontrollable love for all things office supply. The more colorful and cute they are the better. We really get each other.)

Do you want to know how she responded?

"I went and bought those pens last night! As I was opening them this morning, I realize you texted excited about pens!!! That's very Jen like!!! You're coming back!!!"

That, my friends, is sweet confirmation that I am getting better! It touched my heart so much to know that she saw something that might seem like a small detail to most people as a huge turning point for me. 

Thanks, Tammy! I adore you!!!!


  1. Oh, Girl, I feel the same way about you!! So thankful for you!!

  2. You're BOTH so awesomely wonderful!!