Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas at Meme and Papa Bob's - 2011

The day after Christmas we headed to my Meme and Papa Bob's for Christmas. We always eat a humongous pancake and fried ham breakfast. And I always feel like a giant whale afterwards.

Meme and Papa mix up the pancake batter the night before and Zach makes the pancakes on the griddle. The kitchen is always a busy and fun place to be at Meme and Papa's!

LOVE LOVE this picture of my mom, Zach, and Easton. :) Seriously so precious. I know this will be one we look back on next year and say, "look how much he's grown!"

Meme and Papa got Easton and Lauren the best present....a Red Ryder Wagon!!!! It has two seats, cupholders, seat belts....basically it is perfect for us! We have already used it to go on little walks around the neighborhood and to go check the mail!!!! This picture (with the wagon in the box) is so cute to me! Love that my sweet grandparents get to hold and love on my sweet kids...not much better than that.

I also LOVE this picture of Easton and me. Look at his smile! :) He is such a ham and cracks those kinds of sweet smiles all the time. I'm so glad we captured it in a picture!

The bubs wasn't too interested in opening presents....thankfully he has a mama who loves to open them! ;)

After all the food and fun of presents little Easton and I were tired. I love that my SIL caught this picture of us napping. :)

We missed Aunt Juju this year (she was sick) but Lauren loved playing with Uncle Darell...he was super sweet to do the same things over and over and over and over. ;)

Easton loved the wagon!!! So did Riley (my brother and Victoria's puppy!!!)

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with everyone. Can't wait until next year!!!!


  1. That little boy's smile is a heartmelter!

  2. LOVE the picture of you and Easton napping together! How precious!!!