Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Little Gymnast

Tuesday we had the opportunity to head to a local gymnastics place and enjoy their open gym time for toddlers. My friend Amber goes and she invited us and I am so thankful that she did! I was really nervous about how Lauren would do since she is pretty shy but I figured if she warmed up to it she would love it. I was SO right!

The gym had a running trampoline, a little blow up jump house, balance beams of all sizes and heights, and fun bars and mats to run and play on. She wanted to hold my hand on everything at first but soon she was busy running around on her own and I was chasing after her to get pictures! She was still pretty shy around the other kids, but I was so proud of the progress she made!

She was so happy to be there she actually stopped and let me get a good picture of her!

I was surprised at how well she handled herself on the bars. :) 

It doesn't look like it but she is hanging on the bars here! She could hold herself for a long time!!!

Balance beam time! I loved that she held her little arms out for balance. :)

I was so shocked and she was so proud that she could climb the ladder all by herself. She is such a big girl now. 

This was taken at the end of our open gym time and I think it shows how hard she played! Her little face is red and her hair was a mess. :) She had so much fun!!!

Her absolute favorite thing in the whole gym was their running trampoline. I can't tell you how many times she did it. She was so sweet to wait in line for her turn and it just made me so proud to see her do it all by herself!!!


  1. How fun! Ryan would be beside himself excited if I took him.

  2. LOVE THIS! So glad she had a great time!!! :-)

  3. I used to take Peyton there. It was awesome-especially when it's cold or rainy! So glad she loved it!!